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Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

Nowadays, most people who buy dogs are pursuing purebred dogs, and some even spend a lot of money to buy purebred dogs with better pedigrees. In fact, in many cases, keeping a dog is just for relaxation.

As long as the dog is cute, it doesn’t make much sense whether it is a purebred. Recently, a mixed breed dog named Cooper has become popular on the Internet. The dog is a cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a Teddy, greatly pursued by dog lovers.

What is the difference between mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs? This article mainly introduces the advantages of mixed breed dogs and several varieties of mixed breed dogs.

Advantages of mixed breed dogs 

Excellent hybrid reproduction must be meaningful, not ordinary mixed breed dogs. Absolute purebred breeding must have genetic problems, such as human hemophilia, dog CHD, those are the consequences of this kind of breeding, so every time purebred dogs must introduce a foreign blood line to break heredity Congenital diseases brought by. Otherwise, this pure blood will be eliminated naturally, which is also the law of natural selection.

The physique of mixed breed dogs 

There are many advantages of mixed breed dogs. First of all, the appearance of mixed breed dogs is not necessarily unsightly. As long as they are properly bred, they can still breed better-looking dogs. The aforementioned Cooper is a good example.

In addition, we all know that the physique of purebred dogs is not particularly good, and the physique of  mixed breed dogs is usually better than that of purebred dogs. Most purebred dogs have some congenital defects.

For example, Dalmatian is prone to congenital deafness, boxer dogs are prone to malignant tumors, and Doberman pins are prone to bleeding problems similar to hemophilia.

Vision diseases that afflict purebred dogs like nightmares include cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal degeneration that can cause blindness. According to a survey conducted by the Pennsylvania University of Veterinary Medicine on thousands of dogs, they found that purebred dogs are three times more likely to have congenital heart disease than mixed breed dogs.

According to Dr. George Padgett of Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine, each mixed breed dogs has an average of more than a dozen genetic defects.

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs
Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

IQ of mixed breed dogs

In addition, the IQ of mixed breed dogs is also not low, and it can even be said that the IQ of many mixed breed dogs is much higher than that of some purebred dogs. Although mixed breed dogs have many advantages, it is not so simple to match good mixed breed dogs.

First of all, the size of the two dogs should not be too different, otherwise even if the breeding is successful, there may be dystocia. It is also necessary to consider the problem of choosing the best and eliminating the inferior for breeding mixed breed dogs. It’s a good way to keep the excellent parts of the dog and make up for some shortcomings with the advantages of another dog.

The variety of mixed breed dogs 

Dachshund: mixed breed dogs of dachshund and Dalmatian

When you mix a Dalmatian with a dachshund, you will see this little mixed breed dogs with spots all over. If you see a dachshund for the first time, you may be a little confused. But, can you stand the cute eyes of this mixed-breed dog and the fast swinging of its tail?

Australian Dogs: Mixed breed dogs of Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian

The Australian Shepherd is also called the Shepherd. If you mix it with a Pomeranian, you will get an Australian dog. This is a loyal watchdog that loves to play.

If you want to buy one or adopt one, you will find this mixed-breed dog likes to play with children like a kid. Australian dogs are very friendly to children and are absolutely heartfelt to their owners.

Aluski: Alaska and Huskies mixed breed dogs

Balto In this children’s movie, this Aluski is a hybrid of Alaska and Husky.

Although it is still not easy to distinguish, Aluski’s personality is of a calm type, and he is gentle with other small animals, and Aluski’s affectionate eyes are full of emotion.

Puggle: mixed breed dogs of pugs and beagles

Pugs and Beagles are cute, but even more amazing is that they mix together. It’s called puggle, and it looks as cute as its name sounds.

Generally speaking, a beagle can be 13-15 inches tall, but there are some toy versions that can be less than 13 inches tall, believing you will like it because they are smart and cute domestic dogs.

Komatia or Dalmatian: the mixed breed dogs of Corgi and Dalmatian

The height and body shape of this mixed breed resemble a Corgi, and the fur and head shape resemble a Dalmatian. Some people call it Komatia, and some call it Dalkoji. Anyway, Komatia is still very popular.

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs
Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

Yorkiepoo: Mixed breed dogs of Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle

As for the degree of cuteness, the appearance and the pronunciation of the name of the mixed breed of Yorkiepoo are the same cute, and the height range of the kiepoo puppies is between 6-15 inches. They may also weigh between 4 and 14 pounds.

Ponsky: mixed breed dogs of Pomeranian and Husky

This will be irresistible blue eyes like steel. The Ponsky has soft, fluffy hair, focused ears, and the small size of this hybrid breed. It also has the cuteness of Pomeranian and Husky.

Schnudel: Schnerzer and the mixed breed dogs of the Poodle

This is a small breed of mixed breed, as cute as its name.

Schnudel is an active, intelligent, and friendly breed. Its weight can range from 6-76 pounds, but the most popular Schnudel today is the smaller type. This makes Schnudel an excellent domestic dog.

Corgi: the mixed breed dogs of Corgi and Poodle

This mixed breed proves a truth. If you mix a cute breed with another cute breed, you will get a cuter breed, the Corgipo.

What’s more interesting is that Corgipo is considered to be a designer dog, which means that this new hybrid breed will be recognized by an authoritative certification.

Although the mixed breed of Corgipo is relatively new, it is easy to find in pet stores because everyone wants to keep a Corgipo.

So unless you have a clear goal of which dog breed you want to raise, raising a good-looking mixed breed is a good choice for people who are new to dogs. However, the owner should still have a certain understanding of the characteristics of some purebred dogs, so as not to be deceived if they want to buy purebred dogs in the future because they do not understand the breed of dogs.


Top Kitten Flea Treatment Advice – Flea & Tick Medicine for Cats

Top Kitten Flea Treatment Advice – Flea & Tick Medicine for Cats

If you are ever serious about getting rid of fleas from off your cat, you must be willing to be consistent in using the product for that purpose. Do read this article to the end.

Do you know how dangerous it is to expose your cat to fleas? The ultimate end-point is death. Especially the young kitten. Why? Fleas lead to a shortage of blood by incessant bloodsucking. This is especially worse for young cats because, at that point in their development, they cant handle stress at that level, and so they die.

Are you serious about saving your cat from fleas? Then don’t limit your attention or focus to your cat alone. Check around, survey the surroundings of your cat, and then apply your Flea exterminator when you find the sources.

It spreads! Yes, it does! The fleas that affect your cat can start a pet-affecting spree, and in no time, you’ll have to be worrying about ridding fleas from your whole pool of pets. You just must be intentional about where your cat visits if you want to do an excellent job of clearing off fleas. Why? It’s obvious, isn’t it?

Fleas keep coming back because their eggs never left your home. And if your cat goes outdoors mostly, then ask yourself the question,“Where does my cat love to play when it goes out”? If you discover this on time, you will save yourself the stress of profitless 365days of ridding fleas.

Also, know what chemicals to use. Don’t exaggerate the problem or start another problem aside from the one already on the ground. In all these, it is wise to seek expert advice. Don’t try everything; you must be bull’s eye in your approach. Meanwhile, giving your cat a prescribed medication is most advisable for long-term control.

Please follow closely, and you will discover a good range of cat flea treatment options:

Topical Treatment

This works right there and then. With this, you effectively can rub this flea treatment for kittensover the body of your cat and then kill the fleas. It’s now very common. The intelligence behind this is that these products distort how the fleas grow.

Specified Prescriptions

This functions similarly to the topical application, only that the pills or injections must be prescribed. Both the topical and specified prescriptions are effective against adult fleas.

Top Kitten Flea Treatment Advice – Flea & Tick Medicine for Cats
Top Kitten Flea Treatment Advice – Flea & Tick Medicine for Cats

Combing and Observing

Here, you will have to pay great attention to detail. Use these specialized combs across your cat’s fur against a visible background, especially a white one. As you apply the comb, be observant for dark spots that may rest on the comb. Pick up the black spots and place them on a ball of wet cotton wool. If you observe the wet cotton wool and find out brown marks, then your cat has fleas.

Special Treatment Powders

You also can apply flea treatment powders over your cat’s coat. The only disadvantage is that it is easy to wash off. It is more of short-term treatment.

Anti-Flea Collars

This method’s big slap is an adverse reaction that your cat can have, especially if it’s not a standard product. It’s also effective to control the fleas.

Anti-flea Shampoo

It’s just like washing and bathing. Your bath can still get stained and accumulate dirt, so it is with applying shampoo to fight fleas.

Herbal Treatment for Fleas

The first problem with herbal remedies is that they mostly bypass the standardization process. They are mostly not safe for your cat. An example is Tree oil. Sometimes instead of stopping the fleas, it might cause harm to your pet.

Special Anti-flea Treatment Spray

Remember, we previously spoke about how important environmental sanitation is when you want to get rid of fleas from your pets, right? First, you must clean the environment.

Remove the litters and garbage, use vacuum cleaning as it is the ideal option for this situation.When you finish identifying the potshots and usual crevices and hideouts for the fleas, and you have cleaned the surfaces thoroughly, then, you must spray the environment.

It is advisable to also seek your doctor’s expert advice as to exactly what kind of spray you should use as certain sprays have chemicals that are toxic to you, to your cat, and other surrounding pets. Using sprays that contain permeation is not advisable, especially if you have a fish pond, a fish tank, or an aquarium nearby.

Top 10 Feline Paw Care Tips for Cats & Kittens

Top 10 Feline Paw Care Tips for Cats & Kittens

There are lots of things a cat can do with its feet. Climbing, scratching, and acrobatic landings are just a few. To do these, healthy feet are essential.

Through regular examination, you can ensure there are no injuries on the feet. Also, there are other tips that can help you care for the paws of your feline companions. 

Make Scratching Safe

There are several reasons why cats scratch according to, such as:

  • To express emotions and release stress
  • To peel off the dead outer nail sheaths 
  • To stretch their feet and body
  • To mark territories and spread their scent

Most individuals often try to get their cats to stop scratching their furniture, but you should encourage them to scratch by providing the right environment. To do this, you can set up scratching posts and pads around the house. You must make these pads and posts appealing to the cat to take their attention away from your furniture. 

You can use attractants like catnip to make your cat go for these scratching pads. 

Check and Trim Hairy Feet

Some cats a long-haired, and may have hair growing in places that can irritate them. Hair growing between the toes of your cat can tickle or irritate them. If you notice your cat licking their paws too often, then you should check between their toes. 

You can visit a veterinarian or groomer to get help or tips on how to clean or trim the hair on your cat. 

Check Their Feet Regularly

Cats like to move around a lot, but this doesn’t mean they do so safely. It is common for them to come back with cuts, thorns, or splinters on their paws when they go outdoors. A tweezer can be useful in removing debris and splinters, and also for cleaning cuts on the paws. 

In situations where your cat steps on a bee or gets bitten by an ant, you may notice swelling, blood, unusual odor, or pus. You must visit your vet to handle such situations. 

Nail Trimming

Top 10 Feline Paw Care Tips for Cats & Kittens
Top 10 Feline Paw Care Tips for Cats & Kittens

Nail trimming is a necessity for all cats. This is a better option than declawing your cat. You must learn the proper way to trim the nails to ensure you don’t cause any form of discomfort in your cat. 

The first thing you need to do is massage the paws to make your cat relax. The following are other steps you need to take: 

  1. Get your cat to extend the claws by putting pressure gently on the pad and top of the foot.
  2. Locate the white tip of the nail before it curves and cut it off with a high-quality cat nail cutter or scissors. 
  3. Be careful not to cut into the ‘quick.’ The quick is a pink vein that runs through the nails and may cause a lot of bleeding when cut.
  4. Applying cornstarch or styptic powder can help stop the bleeding if you cut into the quick. 

You should limit each session to one or two claws. When you complete each session, give your cat a treat as praise. 

Don’t Declaw Your Cat

Declawing your cat is never the right option. The claws give your cat the ability to survive when outdoors or on their own. Also, the recovery process after declawing is usually painful and uncomfortable for your cat. 

Use Nail Caps if Necessary

Not many people agree with the use of nail caps, but you can use them if you want to stop your cat from scratching you. Most nail caps are made of vinyl and are usually safe for use on cats. When you use them, they can stay for as long as six weeks.  

After this period, the cat will shed the claws, which will fall over on its own. To use a nail cap, you must trim the nails of the cat. 

Take Care of the Pads

The paws of your cat are sensitive parts of its body. Various things may cause injuries on the paws. Wet, hot, or cool surfaces can cause injuries. 

Hot sidewalks, electric stovetop, freezing patios, and wet surfaces such as one with hot cooking oil or cleaning solutions – all these can cause numbing of the paws.

You can use a paw protector or boots to protect your cat during cold or hot weather. If they do get their paws on hot sidewalks or cold patios, you can moisturize the paws with a lukewarm washcloth to help with the numbing of the paws from these surfaces. 

Learn About the Genes

Knowing more about your cat can help you protect them from issues with their paws. Read online and do more research on the breed of cat you own to learn about what problems they are susceptible to. This is an excellent way to prepare and prevent them from happening. 

Pay Attention to Body Language

Any change in the actions or movement of your cat can indicate a paw problem. If they start limping, excessively licking a paw, or using one leg more than the other, then take time to find out what is going on. You may need to visit your vet to deal with such issues. 

Prepare for Curiosity

You can’t stop your cat from doing certain things, so you must prepare for what is to come. Some of the actions stated above are to help you prepare for your cats’ curiosity.

As natural explorers, your cat will be looking to get into as many spaces as it can access in the home. These are often what lead to splinters and other issues. Always be prepared to tend to them. 

Although these are essential tips to help, a crucial step you must take is to keep the feet of your cat clean. Also, you must keep the surfaces of the home clean. Get rid of debris, household chemicals, and other litter in the house is vital.

You must be careful with household chemicals on the floor of the home. These can get on the tongue of your cat when they are grooming.

Reviewing Puppies Vs. Adult Dogs – Which Is Best To Start With

Reviewing Puppies Vs. Adult Dogs – Which Is Best To Start With

When you intend to get a dog, you can get one from any age group. However, there are certain things you need to know about each age group. These are the pros and cons of each. This will help you decide on the right age of the dog you should get.

Puppies Below Seven Weeks Old

If you’re a first-time dog owner, then you must know that getting a puppy under seven weeks is a bad idea. Don’t make this mistake. The seven weeks after birth is a crucial period for the puppy, and the time when it learns certain things from its mother. 

The mother teaches it things like “bite inhibition,” which is how it learns to control its bite and teeth when playing. It also learns how to accept discipline, show respect, and identify social signals of dogs.

7 – 12 Weeks Old

This is an excellent period for puppies to learn. During this period, says, you can teach your puppy everything you need to. This includes guiding its interactions with people and the environment to ensure it socializes properly, remains confident, and grows into a great adult. 

If you’re unable to stay with your puppy during this period or choose to keep it in the basement or garage, then it will pick up some bad habits. You will have a puppy that will learn to chew on objects, dig holes, bark, and whine. Changing these habits in the future will be a challenge. 

Another disadvantage of dogs within this age is their immaturity. They usually don’t pay much attention to your voice and are ignorant of dangerous situations. You may find them running towards large, aggressive dogs or into the path of oncoming vehicles. 

Puppies from 3-4 Months Old

Getting a puppy at this age is a great idea. These puppies listen to the sound of your voice when teaching commands while they remain playful and active. This is the best time to teach your dog its name. 

A downside of having a dog at this age is that you have to establish yourself as the alpha. Dogs at this age will push you to the limit to determine who has the authority. You may notice signs of this when your dog grabs the leash in its mouth when you decide to walk it or doesn’t let go of a toy in its mouth. 

Dominant puppies will exhibit these signs with more persistence. How you handle these situations is what matters. Your dog will want you to be in charge, but you still need to establish your status. 

Puppies 4-8 Months Old

Puppies of this age will also try to test their limits, so you need to prepare for this. They are very playful and enthusiastic, but handling them may be a little more complicated. Many people know this as the “flight period” in dogs. 

Puppies will often run away from you or avoid contact when you stretch your hands or call their names. You must ensure you stop this behavior. If your puppy dashes away from you indoors, never let it loose outdoors.

You mustn’t let your puppy see signs that it is faster than you, and can get away from you if it needs to. Attaching a long, lightweight line to the collar is one way to stop this. The line is necessary to prevent the dog with ease since you can step on it when needed.

Be sure you’re around the puppy when you attach this line to prevent it from choking. 

Adolescent Dogs

Reviewing Puppies Vs. Adult Dogs – Which Is Best To Start With
Reviewing Puppies Vs. Adult Dogs – Which Is Best To Start With

These are dogs from 8 – 24 months. A benefit of adolescent dogs is that you already have a clear picture of its appearance as an adult. They will also have prior socialization and training, which reduces your task as a dog owner.

On the negative side, an adolescent dog will often appear ugly while growing – the adolescent period is called “the uglies.” This is often due to the disproportionate growth of the body. They also exhibit signs of rebellion during this period. Your dog may even start showing behavioral changes such as getting aggressive towards other dogs or shying away from objects it has seen countless times.  

Adult Dogs

Unlike puppies, you already have the full picture with an adult dog. There is no need to think about what the dog will be with an adult dog – you have what it is. Depending on what characteristics you want from a dog, you can pick an adult dog to match. 

Most adult dogs usually have the right level of training, and they can still learn faster than puppies. Adult dogs have a long attention span, unlike puppies, that find it difficult to listen. You can adopt a dog of two, three, four, or eight years. The only thing you need to ensure is that the dog passes a temperament test.

Although adult dogs are great, they also have several downsides. One of these is a lack of history on the dog. You may never know what kind of life it has lived in the past or why it is in a shelter or rescue home. Your only basis for assessing the dog will have to be your real-life experiences of how it interacts with the environment.

Also, the habits it has learned are more challenging to change. Barking when alone, or peeing in the house are things you will find challenging to change. Health concerns also spike up with adult dogs.

Although the risk of particular health challenges reduces with age, you should assume the dog has some inherited health challenges. Another thing you should keep in mind is the possibility of getting an in-bred dog, which increases the chances of health issues.

Special Needs Dogs

Some special needs dogs melt the heart of other humans with needs. To get a special needs dog, you must be ready to cater to all its needs. These are usually dogs that no one else wants, but the experiences you get with these dogs are indescribable.