Best Bird Feeder for Cardinals

Do you love that twittering sound of birds in your garden? Your garden feels to be serene with the perfect sound of birds. If you want your garden to be crowded with sweet little cardinals and other birds always, you need to take some effort to do so.

You need to attract those cardinals to make them come to your garden. You can easily do that task by keeping foods for the birds in feeders.

The alarm clock of nature and the most beautiful sight that lingers in your vision; are the birds. Among many other birds, Cardinals are very special. They are brilliant for having deeps and vibrant body color. They are different for their way of flying and moving.

Using the right kind of Cardinal bird feeder, you can approach the colorful birds to come to your garden.

Now what are the things you must keep in mind while placing the right kind of bird feeder:

Choose the appropriate Location

Cardinals generally prefer to have their food in much-closed places where they can save themselves from predators. They are territorial by nature and are ground eaters.

Cardinals usually prefer to have their food early in the morning and late at night. You can’t expect to see them eating during the day time.

It is undeniable that you will place a feeder in your garden to attract and watch birds. But if you place a feeder in an open space, then there are lower chances that you can invite any Cardinal.

Instead try to put the feeder in some safer places, like near some bushes or shrubs. The enclosed territory can give the Cardinals a feeling of safety.

Cardinals do the security check before coming directly to eat. Unlike any other bird who fly directly to the feeder and start eating, Cardinals will watch the place where the feeder is kept.

Choose the right Food

Cardinals are particular about the food they eat. You must know what to mix while placing the food in the feeder.

Placing the right mixture increases the chance to attract the Cardinals to be the regular visitor to your garden.

Some of the best food ideas that you can put in your feeder are:

  • Corn
  • Sunflower Seeds
  • Peanuts
  • Wild Grapes etc.

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Choose the Best Cardinal Bird Feeder

Cardinals are timid and territorial birds as I already told you. You need to be very cautious while buying the perfect feeder for them.

Here is a list of top 3 cardinal bird feeders that you can buy.


The name No/No stands for no plastic, no wood. This is a perfect and robust bird feeder. The feeder is durable as it is made of pure metal. Many people consider buying this because this is easy to clean at the same time.

This bird feeder has a capacity of holding up to 2.5 pounds of seeds. Thus you don’t have to worry while refilling the bird food very often.

The broad base of this feeder is very comfortable for 15 birds at once. Its mechanism helps the hanging birds to eat quickly from the feeder.

This squirrel free red bird feeder is probably the best bird feeder, you can buy for small seeds.

  • The wider base can accommodate a larger number of birds at once.
  • The cover can shield the food from bad weather condition like rain or snow
  • The larger capacity can hold enough seeds and thus you don’t need to refill it continuously this is made of metal and you can expect longer durability.
  • This is a squirrel proof feeder
  • The tight and narrow wires of the feeder are troublesome for the cardinal to access larger seeds
  • At times it is harder for Cardinals too have their food easily



This tray like bird feeder is perfect for larger seeds like corn and peanuts. This feeder has a broad base and thus can accommodate a more significant amount of birds at once.

This feeder has a round perch and has an amazing and added feature too. This best bird feeder for cardinals has a squirrel proof cap lock. So it is easy for you to keep that little creature away and save on your bird’s food.

This great addition to your garden is just natural to clean. It is made of glass and some warm water, and clean cloth is enough.

You can save up to 30 ounces of foods and has six individual feeding ports. Many birds can use this feeder at once.

  • Being made of glass this feeder can be washed very easily
  • It is easy to assemble and unscrew
  • Has a perfect perch size and is accessible for many birds at once
  • Keeps food fresh for a longer time
  • The wire hanger of this feeder is very delicate
  • The glass body of this feeder is breakable and it is not advisable to use the feeder in the concrete area



This feeder is a perfect pick for your winged friends. As the name implies, this cardinal bird feeder squirrel proof product is absolutely perfect while keeping squirrels or other tiny animals from damaging your food.

The entrance of the seed port of this feeder gets automatically closed, whenever a squirrel climbs to it. The weight of the creature forces the door downwards and closes it.

This prevents the squirrels from eating bird food without harming them. This feeder is adjustable according to the size of birds. It is because there are many feeders which allow larger birds to eat as many grains as they want and finally leaves nothing for the smaller birds.

You can open and close the seed ports according to your requirement. You can dismantle the feeder very quickly to clean it. Also, you can refill the feeder very easily.

  • The height of this feeder can be adjusted according to your requirement
  • This comes with a huge capacity
  • You can easily wash the feeder with your simple dishwasher
  • This product gives protection against squirrels and other invasive animals
  • This product is not waterproofed sufficiently
  • The foods can be damaged easily if the weather is rainy or snowy
  • This is not a good product if you live in a wet climate.



This bird feeder can be your favorite as you can have a clear view of the birds while eating. This has a crystal clear mechanism and is very easy to clean. You can hang this basic feeder to your windows.

  • Super simple to clean
  • You can place this feeder at any place of your home
  • This feeder is very much open to the squirrels and thus your grains might get damaged
  • Also, this feeder doesn’t have any waterproofing and needs regular cleaning because of wet grains



This is very nice looking wooden platform bird feeders for cardinals to feed the birds visiting your garden. This tray like feeder comes up with strong and durable hangers and base.

  • This feeder gives a new definition to your garden for its rich wooden look
  • The base of this feeder comes out easily and thus can be cleaned easily
  • This feeder is made of durable materials and thus is good for long go
  • You have to put a large quantity of bird food as this feeder is open and is easily accessible for invasive animals and predators.



This feeder is just perfect to attract and coax the birds you want to see in your garden.

You can put any larger seed in this feeder as this feeder is perfect for larger grains like peanuts and corns.

You can also follow some DIY YouTube videos to make this easy to get your cardinal bird feeders homemade.

  • It has a very attractive look to attract the Cardinals
  • You can put large seeds like peanuts to this feeder
  • This can attract squirrels too.



If you want the colorful cardinals playing in your garden, then you must keep some other tips to attract more and more of them.

Place the feeders at the very ground level to provide the Cardinals enough safety. Put a different kind of seeds and attract them to come to your garden repeatedly.

If you can see the Cardinals in the bushes or somewhere in the shrubs of your garden and if they are not interested in going towards the feeder, trying to scatter some seeds on the ground.  

How to Stop your Bird from Screaming

Remember those cardinals are ground eater. Gradually make the area of scattering the feed smaller.

Once you notice that the Cardinals are visiting your garden for feeds, keep on feeding them consistently. You have to be patient while convincing these shy bird clan to come to your garden and have food.

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