Blogging for Profit | The Ultimate Blogging Guide? Blogging Course Review

Blogging for Profit | The Ultimate Blogging Guide? Blogging Course Review

This is a long post – kinda fun to read in my humble opinion (IMHO – I rarely remember what that means…) and certainly worth it too if you are in need of help in setting up your blog for maximum income potential.

So that would include both those of us who are new or relatively new to internet marketing, or those of us who are in need of a refresher with regards to setting up a blog and maximizing for – well, for anything really. The latter actually includes me!

So yes, it’s about a blogging course. Ten a penny these days, but some stand way out above all the rest. I know that this one does and for very good reason too!

And yes, you could argue that this post is a bit ‘sales. No harm – when there is a great product on the market then folks – such as your good self – should be informed about it. Imparting of good and potentially very useful information.

Without further ado let’s get to the nitty-gritty regards this blogging course!

* 60-day full money-back guarantee!

* $47 US per month for 6 months. (Hot tip! – sign up for 2 months and get one of the themes for free – Flexx & Thesis both cost $87 each! Oh heck, that’s what I should have done before parting with the hard-earned Thesis Theme I use on this blog!!).

* It’s hard work – not some “sit-back couch potato – money and fame come to those who wait” sort of thing here!

Membershipsite250x250 Blogging for Profit | The Ultimate Blogging Guide? Blogging Course Review

I remember some 2 years ago now when I first heard about WordPress and how it was supposed to be easier than using raw HTML (or whatever its technical name is) for building websites. I viewed it with a fresh sense of hope, actually – as many of you know by now – I and Html do not go together particularly well!

Fine, I invested in some 15-minute video hoping that this would get me up to scratch, but alas, it was not to be! After all, the video had no words – rip off, I paid $27 for it! Kinda dumb of me, I know!

Blogging for Profit | The Ultimate Blogging Guide? Blogging Course Review
Blogging for Profit | The Ultimate Blogging Guide? Blogging Course Review

After that, and because I was a little further forward I took the plunge and invested in a series of videos that cost around $97 US if I remember correctly.

Now it has to be said that if it were not for those videos I may not be where I am today. Not that they were top-notch, but still, good enough to allow me to get to grips with WP and the nuances.

I remember though that it took me most of a day to buy a domain, set the name servers, and then set up the files in cPanel. And this was including a few emails back and forth to my hosting support. Must have taken me about 8 hours in all.

Funny how when you get used to this part of the whole deal, you can do it – set up a WP blog – within 25 minutes from start to finish. Mind you, is easier now to set up than it was back then – a bit easier anyhow.

This little story brings me onto the topic of blogging courses and what is available for those who are either totally new to blogging, or just need to brush up on a number of aspects of WP blogs and their set up and optimization, etc.

Actually no, this course has more to offer – it’s geared to setting up your own blogs from start to finish in a very systematic way so that you will be earning an income from the approach. Just like Yaro Starak’s Blog Mastermind course but it’s rather a lot cheaper than that!

The producers of this product do not guarantee you make money. It’s up to you at the end of the day – if you wanna do the work, chances are very good indeed you will inevitably see the fruits of your hard labors, providing you follow the outline of the blogging course.

Let me try to fill you in on how this overview came about in the first place.

I was looking around online – reading some blog posts and comments and then clicking off to some other pages. I noticed that one gentleman whose comments I had just read was also previously featured on this particular authority blog and so I clicked through to his site.

It turns out that Andrew (Andrew Rondeau) was selling a course on how to start blogging. I checked it over briefly not thinking too much about it. Then I searched around the site and came across what he was serving up on his reviews page as the recommended buys.

Now it’s not often these days that I buy many reference materials but I came across one that really caught my eye. Perhaps due to the fact that Yaro Starak was involved, perhaps for some other reason. I read Andrew’s brief review of the product and thought – “yup, I like his review and I’m sold on this”.

Bought the product which incidentally is called The $365k Blog Traffic Formula and features a number of the best-known bloggers around. Which includes the following:

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