Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?

Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?

Nutritional benefits of honey have been known to mankind since ages now. It has been a common practice among people to include honey in their daily diet in some or the other way.

It is not only the taste of honey but its various health benefits and healing properties which have made it a popular and widely used food item in both hot and cold beverages.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of honey speed up the natural healing process and help in getting rid of infections.

Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?
Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?

When talking about our pets, no doubt we love them and it is quite common that we end up sharing our food with them. But, wait, do you also end up thinking if the food you eat is safe for your pets or not?

Honey for Pets?

Do you give up when you notice your pet looking at you with wide eyes and beg with utter cuteness while you are eating?

When talking about honey being served to your pets, be it your furball cat or naughty pups, you should first find out if it is safe for them or not as some pets can savor on it when served in a moderate amount while others just don’t like it.

Is honey safe for Cats?

Healthy is surely a healthy treat for humans as it is rich in zinc, copper, vitamin C, potassium, iron, and other antioxidants.

But when talking about treating your cat with this sweet treat, it is not a good choice. This is because honey is high in fructose and glucose, which makes it difficult for cats to digest honey. A cat’s body is not designed in a way to process sugar.

Honey lacks the essential nutrient required by your feline pet. When served to them, though it helps in easing allergies on account of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can also cause an upset stomach.

As a result, your pet cat might end up vomiting or suffer from diarrhea on consuming honey.

The only time when you can serve honey to your feline pets is when they are suffering from sickness or allergies after consulting the vet. 

Will honey hurt Dogs?

If you are planning to use honey for dogs cough, or are thinking to use honey for allergies in dogs, pause and reconsider your decision.

Just like cats, dogs’ digestive system finds it difficult to digest sugar. However, dogs can be fed with honey in a moderate amount as they, to some extent, can digest it.

Since dogs are bigger than cats, it is ok to serve them a slightly more amount of honey compared to what you feed your cat. Certain breeds of large-sized dogs like Doberman or German shepherd can eat more than a half a teaspoon of honey.

But, always remember, that a large amount of honey is not good for your dog as well and hence you need to follow the rule of moderation as a large amount of honey can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Local honey can be used to treat allergies in dogs that have been triggered by pollen but make sure to use it only after having a word with your vet.


Since cats and dogs are carnivores, their digestive system is designed to digest meat and not to digest sugar. Dogs are fond of sweet things whereas cats, on the other hand, can’t taste sweetness.Honey, apart from having a great taste, has health benefits as well. These health benefits of honey for cats and dogs have no scientific evidence.

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