Cancer-Fighting Superfoods – Natural Precaution

Cancer-Fighting Superfoods – Natural Precaution

Cancer is a sort of tumor that successfully spreads to the other parts of the human body is a very fast pace. However, such symptoms start in the human body years ago when the cells start developing abnormally.

This disease causes destruction and there is a very little chance of that person to survive and it is said that it is also one of the very common death reason in the US.

Cancer can occur is in any part and till now there is no such treatment that can save a person from cancer, however, a very nice proverb says

“Precaution is better than cure” thus, here we have a very short list of edible stuff including fruits and vegetables that will surely help to fight this disease to ever come to you!


broccoli reduces the risk of cancer

Too many researchers and study proved that broccoli, the cruciferous vegetable is very rich in sulfur compounds and is the powerful chemopreventive foods.

Apart from that, there are other effective compounds found like the phytochemicals, sulforaphane, and the indoles which remarkably fights the risk and even cancer on various fronts. Another similar cruciferous vegetable cabbage is also a good cure.

As little as 10 grams of crucifers (less than 1/8 cup of chopped raw cabbage or chopped raw broccoli) can be included in your regular diet.

green tea reduces the risk of cancer

Green tea which is one of the ancient and popular beverages consumed throughout the globe is also supposed to have anti-cancer effects.  

Biologically the predominant polyphenols in green tea those are EGCG, EGC, ECG, and EC and the theaflavins and thearubigins found in black teas have antioxidant activity. may help protect against tumor development

blue berries reduces cancer

tomatoes is the great fighter of cancer

The American Institute of Cancer research has come to the conclusion that the potential for cancer fighting can be effectively done with the consumption of tomatoes.

The Lycopene found in the tomato has the anti-cancer potential which has been best known for fighting the prostate, lung, breast and endometrial cancers.

It has been also tested in the laboratory that tomatoes has stopped the proliferation of several other cells types that lead to such types of cancers.

Therefore, you should go for tomatoes in a good quantity.

Include tomatoes in every salad you prepare and eat them raw if possible.


ginger reduces the risk of cancer

The study published a few years back that ginger supplements can be the best cancer fighting edible substance. It has anti-inflammatory properties found which can effectively fight the disease.

Ginger has more ability to combat with ovarian cancer. There are so many ginger supplements available which can also be taken by consulting the doctor.

Take 1 grams of ginger powder every day.

You can also take 2-3 cups of ginger tea every day.

blue berries reduces cancer

The AICR has confirmed that the blueberries which are the excellent source of Vitamin C, K, and manganese and is also a good source of fiber have the highest antioxidant power.

Due to phytochemicals which can fight the risk of developing tumors like cancer in the body.
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