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Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

It’s a rare question to ask if your dogs can be served with edamame beans. But if you are looking for an answer to it, then you are in the right place.

Edamame beans are not as popular as dog food and hence there’s doubt about serving it to them. Read on to find the answers to your worries.

What are Edamame beans?

If you are fond of Japanese food, then it’s quite common for you to have heard about edamame beans.

Edamame beans are immature soybeans, which are green in color, served to anyone who wants to eat them after boiling or steaming them in their pods.

They are a rich source of plant protein, manganese, phosphorus, fiber, and nutrients. They also contain good quantity of Omega 3 and 6 and are good for promoting healthy hair and skin.

Served mostly as starters or appetizers in Japanese food restaurants they are most popular among vegetarians, vegans and anyone who wants to eat them to have a healthy life.

Can Dogs Eat Edamame Beans?

When it comes to the safety of consumption of edamame beans by dogs, it is not wrong to say that YES, your dog can eat edamame as these beans are absolutely safe.

Can Dogs Eat Edamame?
Can Dogs Eat Edamame?

Edamame beans are basically immature soybeans and soy is an important ingredient in dog foods and hence it is extremely safe for them. Soybeans are digestible and can be eaten by them except for some forms like tofu.

Edamame beans are a crunchy treat for your dogs and since these beans are a rich source of protein, they are an extremely good food for dogs that are active.

How Much Edamame is good for Dogs?

It is quite possible that your dog’s digestive system might not accept the new food or the dietary change you are planning to introduce.

Hence, whenever you are planning to change your dog’s diet or want to introduce new food to their diet the key to doing so is by introducing it in small or moderate quantities.

Start by feeding just 1-2 edamame beans to your dog. If your dog doesn’t show any adverse reactions to them, then there is nothing to worry about.

You can slowly increase the number of beans you serve in a moderate amount like from 1-2 beans to 5 beans.

In case you notice any adverse behavioral changes like gas, diarrhea or vomiting in your dog after you have fed him 1-2 edamame beans then these beans are not suitable for him.

While feeding the beans to your dog keep in mind that you serve them fresh, steamed and cooled or with frozen without salt as dogs don’t need salts in their diet.

If the beans does not suit your dog and there are some adverse symptoms, don’t be sad about it, as these are not a part of an essential food required by your pet.

Why is Edamame Good for Dogs?

Though Edamame beans are not essential food for dogs, they do come with a lot of health benefits for them. Let us have a look at some of these benefits:

  • Edamame beans add an excellent quality of protein to your dog’s diet which is good for their health.
  • They are beneficial for dogs with high cholesterol levels as being a soy product they are proven to reduce the bad cholesterol and triglycerides. This, in turn, reduces the risk of heart disease in them.
  • The high content of dietary fiber in edamame beans helps the dogs in weight management.
  • Test a small number of beans on your dogs and in case they show any symptoms like bloating, vomiting, gas, etc., reduce the number of beans served and give them water. If the symptoms prevail stop serving them the beans.
  • It provides them with essential vitamins and minerals like vitamins A and C, calcium and iron.
  • It provides them an essential amount of fatty acids and a sufficient quantity of Omega-3.
  • It is good for their lungs. Also, it is proven that if dogs eat soybeans then the chances of cancer are reduced in them.
  • It prevents bone deterioration in dogs and promotes and improves bone health in them.

How Can Dogs Eat Edamame Beans?

In its raw form Edamame beans are hard, so always remember that you feed your dog only the beans and not the shells. It is best if you serve them the cooked edamame beans only.

You can feed these beans to your dog either raw and fresh, or cooked and steamed, or baked and frozen edamame.

Should Seasonings be added?

Seasonings and salts have a negative impact on your dog. Thus, while serving the edamame beans to your dogs keep in mind not to add any kind of seasoning or salt as they have a negative impact on their health.

Mixing Edamame Beans with Dog Food:

One of the other ways to serve your dogs the edamame beans is to mix some of the cooked edamame beans with their usual dog food. You can mash and add these beans to their usual food.

Other foods for your dogs:

You can buy some good dog recipe books to serve your dog’s healthy homemade snacks. Homemade dog snacks always have a benefit over the store-bought food as they are free from chemicals and preservatives.

You can buy books like “In the Dog Kitchen” and “The Healthy Hound Cookbook” and prepare the best dishes for your best friend which are gluten-free, grain-free and vegetarian.

The other benefit that homemade snacks have is that you can control what your pet eats and avoid the unnecessary packaging and preservation process.

You also get a hold of the cooking techniques to be followed to prepare food for your dog and can make it as flavorful as you want for them.

Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs

Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs love to spend most of their time in their cages. But many pet owners prefer to leave their Guinea pig to roam free. Whatever be the case, your Guinea pig deserves the best bedding, which is not only absorbent but soft and cozy too. 

As a responsible parent, you want to have the best bedding for guinea pigs. In this article today I will tell you how to pick the best type of bedding for your little pet, which will help you to keep the Guinea pig cage odor-free and also gives a soft surface to your Guinea pig. 

Types of Bedding you can consider taking for your Guinea pig:

If this is your first time of buying bedding for your Guinea pig, then the first thing you must know is, what kind of bedding is best suited for your pet? You must understand that there are only a few types of bedding, which are comfortable and safe to use for the little creature. 

Here are 5 types of bedding which are consid3red to be the best choice for most of the Guinea pig owners.

  1. Aspen Bedding
  2. Pine Shavings
  3. Fleece Bedding
  4. Paper Bedding
  5. Cotton Cloth Bedding


When you choose Aspen bedding for guinea pigs, make sure that the Aspen is soft, additive free, dry and comfortable. Aspen beddings can be a little costly than others and even can be less absorbent too, but this bedding stimulates the natural behavior of your pet like nesting, burrowing etc.


Choose soft and natural pines for your guinea pig, if you choose odor control pine bedding for guinea pigs. Pine beddings are the most popular bedding material for your pet because, they are the most absorbent, economical and readily available at any pet shop.


Fleece bedding is also one of the most favorites of the Guinea pig owners, because of the softness of this material. Also, their pet looks tremendously cute while nesting or burrowing on the soft fleece. The upper part of this bedding is made of soft fleece, the middle part contains absorbent cotton, and the bottom part is made of fleece again. 


Bedding made of recycled paper- the idea is loved by most of the pet owners.  Paper guinea pig beddings are soft, controls odor, and are surprisingly very absorbent. Most of the paper beddings are made at home.  The process included to remove ink and chemicals, make this type of bedding a little costly. 


Like Fleece and paper bedding, the cotton cloth bedding is also very absorbent, soft and homemade. You can use any cotton material including towel, cloth make this bedding. This is economical and can be reused. But you need to maintain this bedding regularly and have to scoop out the pet’s waste. 


Now that you know what the types of bedding that you may pick for your little fluffy pet are, we can now take a look at the best bedding for them. You must know the Pros and Cons of each bedding and compare the requirements you have. This way, you can surely make the best decision and end up buying the most suitable bedding for your guinea pig. 

Healthy Pet Critter Care Pet BeddingPaper Bedding
Small Pets & Company Guinea Pig cage linerFleece Bedding
Carefresh Small Pet BeddingPaper Bedding
Small Pet Select Paper BeddingPaper Bedding
Kaytee Clean and Cozy White BeddingPaper Bedding
Vitakraft Fresh World BeddingPaper Bedding
Purina Unscented Paper PelletsPaper Bedding
RentAcoop Hemp BeddingHemp wood bedding
Kaytee Soft Granule BeddingWood Fiber

Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs

Here is the list of 9 of the best bedding I consider to be appropriate for your pets.

Healthy Pet Critter Care Pet Bedding

This bedding is made of all-natural ingredient and especially wood pulp. Apart from being very economical, the guinea pig bedding has an unusual texture too. The material is a little stiffer than standard paper bedding but is not uncomfortable for your pet. 

The bedding has an excellent absorbing capacity and can absorb three times its weight. You don’t have to worry about changing your pet’s bed frequently as this bedding can control odor very efficaciously. This bedding is a perfect buy and can save you a lot of money, energy and time. 


  • Very absorbent
  • Natural ingredients
  • Good texture
  • Odor controlling
  • Economical


  • A little stiffer than other paper beddings
  • Can be dusty as this is made of wood pulp.

Overview: Though this product feels like soft cardboard, it will not be a matter of uncomforting for your pet. You can prefer buying this for the good features it has.

Small Pets & Company Guinea Pig Fleece Bedding

This stylish bedding can bring color to your pet’s cage. This bedding has excellent design and can absorb the urine and other liquid wastes of your pet very effectively. The most attractive feature of this guinea pig bedding is that it can save a lot of money from the pet owners. This product is reusable and is better than other bedding materials, including paper, cotton etc. 

Also, the bedding is less messy than any other bedding material you opt to buy for your pet. You can simply wipe off the liquid from the surface of this bedding. 


  • Very Absorbent
  • Stylish and great design
  • Reusable and Durable
  • Easy to clean


  • A little pricier than other bedding materials.

Overview: Though this product is a little pricier than other guinea pig beddings, the feature it has is worth the money you spent. You little creature will enjoy the style of this bedding.

CareFresh Small Pet Bedding

Though paper or wood shaving beddings are the most common type of bedding preferred by the pet owners. This pet bedding for guinea pigs, is a little different from other products. This is made of scratches and comfy fluff. The manufacturing company of this product, use natural and raw fibers only for this bedding. 

The bedding also has an excellent absorbency and odor control feature. The products are also chemical and dust free and are entirely safe to use for your guinea pig.


  • Made of comfy Fluff
  • Natural and Raw fibers
  • Good Absorbency
  • Odor Control
  • Chemical Free
  • Dust Free


  • Carries a smell along with it, which is not bad but can be funky

Overview: This product is dust free and easy to clean for you after your pet litters. It is made of all-natural ingredients to give you pet a soft and secure environment.

Small Pet Select Paper Bedding

This product is preferred by most of the expert guinea pig owners. That is because, apart from being highly absorbent, this bedding is readily available in the market. The product is dust free and is free from any harmful additives. The bedding for guinea pigs, is made of never-printed, pure and unbleached papers.

The single bedding can expand three times of its original volume; thus, you can get a value for money product for your little guinea pig.


  • Made with never printed papers
  • Chemical free
  • No harmful additives
  • Super Absorbent
  • Soft material
  • Economical


  • The odor controlling capacity is a little lesser than others

Overview: The products is safe and made of unbleached papers and can be a best buy for your pet. 

Kaytee Clean & Cozy White Bedding

Who doesn’t want smooth and white bedding to rest in? This super soft Kaytee white bedding gives a luxurious look to your guinea pig cage. The material used for this bedding is 100% biodegradable and natural paper. The product has two times more absorbency than other paper beddings for being made of long recycled fiber strands. Apart from giving comfort to your pet, this product is also environment-friendly. 

The products are very economical and also expands when brought out of the packaging. The product has a lot of many good reviews from its satisfied customers. The soft fluffy texture of this bedding is appropriate for burrowing. 


  • Variety of Sizes
  • Many colors
  • Good absorbency
  • Economical
  • Biodegradable and environment-friendly material
  • Comes in many scents


  • The used bedding must be discarded and is not appropriate for reuse.

Overview: This product has many color and aroma options to choose from. It is economical and environment-friendly.

Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding

This is another paper bedding option you can count to be the best buy for you. The material of this product is very soft and comfortable, which makes it perfect bedding for your little guinea pig. This bedding is also among the best alternatives bedding for guinea pig, which is economical guinea pig bedding you can find in the market. 

The product is made of 100% safe and unbleached paper. The bedding is dust free and easy to clean up. This brand is a premium one you can stick to. 


  • Made with 100% biodegradable and unbleached paper
  • Dust Free
  • No toxic and harmful additives
  • Easy to clean
  • Very inexpensive
  • Outstanding Odor Control


  • Not found so far


  • Not found so far

Overview: This product has an outstanding odor control formula and there is no bad feature of this product.

Purina Unscented Paper Pellets

When you want to stick to paper beddings for the guinea pig, Purina is a brand that you can prefer. This product also comes up in a pellet-like a shape, like other paper beddings. This product gives enough comfort to your pet. 

The bedding is very useful in absorbing odor, and you can hardly smell anything. The products are also a very good moisture absorbent which can absorb any liquid waste of your guinea pig. Three times more liquid can be absorbed by this bedding from its original volume. 


  • Moisture Absorbent
  • Economical
  • No added fragrance
  • Comfortable and soft


  • Not Found so far.

Overview: The best paper bedding so far you can buy for your pet. 

RentACoop Hemp Bedding

Hemp beddings are not that popular guinea pig bedding like paper beddings. But these products are safe, comfortable, and also economical at the same time. The linen doesn’t have any toxic material and is very pet-friendly too. If you are looking for affordable though soft bedding, then this is the one for you.

The product is a sound absorbent and has a pleasant smell too. The bedding is made of all-natural ingredients and is free from any insecticide or pesticide, which can harm your pet. 


  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Very absorbent
  • Economical
  • No poison, pesticide or toxic materials used


  • The product is a little overpriced than others.

Overview: If you want to give your pet a little change in its bedding you can try this hemp bedding. 

Kaytee Soft Granule Bedding

If you are looking for bedding which looks like granules, this bedding from Kaytee can be the best choice for you. The material of the bedding is made of paper which looks like granules. Due to having small granules this product gives super comfort to your guinea pig. The raw materials used to make this bedding is 100% natural wood fibers. The bedding is a good absorbent of litter and has a great odor controlling feature. 

The product is also dust free, and you can maintain the bedding and clean it very quickly. 


  • Highly Absorbent
  • Easy to clean
  • 99.9 % dust free
  • Comfortable and safe


  • Not reusable

Overview: This product is completely safe and comfortable for your pet and can be cleaned very easily. 

TAKEAWAY: Afterall there is no argument that paper beddings are the best option for your guinea pig’s bedding. They are safe, comfortable and inexpensive. Though there are a few beddings which are not reusable further, the products are the best value for money. Pick one from the list and give your fluffy companion a super consoled resting.

Is Catnip Bad for Dogs

Is Catnip Bad for Dogs

If you have been a cat owner at some point of time in your life then in all probability you have the first-hand experience about what catnip does to a cat, or at least you have heard about it. 

But that is not what we are talking about today. Today we would delve in to know is catnip bad for dogs?

The simple answer is No. Catnip is not bad for dogs if they are given catnip under controlled circumstances. 

All that being said the next important question is does catnip affect dogs? Yes, it does. It creates a sedative effect on dogs. However, the effect of catnip on both dogs and cats are not the same. 

If given in the right amount, catnip has a lot of benefits for dogs and is not at all harmful.

These are the following ways in which catnip effect on dogs:

Source of Vitamin and Minerals:

Catnip is a source of many minerals and vitamins and the most notable among them are Vitamin C Vitamin E and Magnesium.

Essential Oil:

Catnip is also rich in many noted essential oils. These oils are important to maintain the energy level of your dog and also helps control sudden spikes and rage. It affects effective digestion and maintains overall health. 

What Does Catnip Do To Dogs?

Before you administer catnip to your dog, it’s important for you to know how does it impact the dogs. 

Firstly catnip acts as a sedative when administered to dogs. This is quite different from the effect this herb has on cats. 

It is important to note that not all dogs respond to catnip in the same manner. While catnip has proved effective for some dogs, many owners have reported that this herb did not affect their dogs. 

Catnip for dogs anxiety is one of the primary reasons why dog owners use this herb. For instance, if your dog experiences a fit of anxiety due to firecrackers burning close to your home, Catnip can be your savior. 

Catnip also proves to be effective when dogs experience fear due to certain medicines or treatment. 

Catnip proves to be very effective when you want your dog to sleep well at night. So the next time you have your neighbors playing loud music you do not have to worry about your dog’s sleep. Just slip in a bit of catnip and watch him/her sleep like a baby!

Catnip works great as a diuretic agent for dogs, and can thus be used on dogs in cases of emergency. Catnip oil helps in better urination and thus helps their body to shed the extra water and toxins such as uric acid and other waste materials. Thus a small amount of catnip can help in regulating the bodily activities of dogs. 

For those of you who do not know this, catnip is a natural emmenagogue. That means it helps to improve the blood flow in the pelvic region. Thus catnip can help in easy menstruation in dogs 

Catnip also has a certain amount of thymol. This compound is a good antiseptic. Due to the presence of this compound, catnip is ideal for healing external wounds. Fresh catnip or catnip oil can be applied directly to the external wounds if your dog stretches itself or gets sores. Applying catnip oil on your dog can act a very good mosquito and insect repellent agent.

How Much Catnip To Give Dog?

This becomes a very important question for dog owners.  In order to determine how much catnip to give your dog, you have to talk to your veterinarian first. 

It is important that you inform your veterinarian that why are you considering giving your dog catnip, what is that you want to achieve through it, the current health status of your dog whether or not he is taking any medicine and such other details. 

All this will help your veterinarian to determine whether or not it’s a good idea to give catnip to your dog and if yes then what would be the ideal dosage. 

It must be borne in mind that administering too much of catnip can cause health problems to your dog in the long run. It can also hamper their digestive system

Do Dogs Like Catnip?

Well, that is a question which can have mixed reviews. While some dogs enjoy having it as it relaxes them others may not like its effect. 

Is There A Dog Catnip Equivalent?

Yes, fortunately, there is a catnip equivalent for dogs and it’s called Anise. Many of you may already know about Anise. It’s a licorice tasting spice that many love to have or hate. 

Though this harmless spice hails from the carrots and parsley family, it is the canine’s catnip.

If you conduct your research you will find many dog owners claim that their dogs get very hyper when they are about to get their Anise to treat! 

But of course, there can be concerns about its usage. 

But you can put your worries at bay since Anise is very safe to have a fun afternoon with your dog! However, moderation in its usage is essential since too much of this treatment can get your dog sick.

Anise seed can be sprinkled on dog toys. This can be very similar to that of catnip toys. However, it must be understood that Anise does not work the same way on all dogs. While catnip makes most cats mellow and sleepy, dogs get all hyper with Anise most of the times. That is the reason most dog owners do not like giving this treat to their dogs all the time.

So there you go, guys. Powered by all that knowledge about catnip and it’s alternative you can select which one to give your dog and on what occasion. However, do not forget to consult your veterinarian before you make a call.

How To Dress Up Your Hedgehog :Hedgehog Clothing

How To Dress Up Your Hedgehog :Hedgehog Clothing

Baby Hedgehog Costume

Hedgehogs are ultra cute and one can pass hours just be looking at its activity. Though they have little spikes on them, hedgehogs are adorable and can be the best pet options.

The little darling moves around the cage, nibbles on treats and all in all bring in joy to its owner.

Though they are cute, to begin with, have you thought about making your pet hedgehog cuter? Well, if you wish to do that and looking for options to go about the process have you considered hedgehog clothing?

If you have not thought about hedgehog clothing then we insist you think about it! Hedgehogs look very cute all dressed up for an occasion. In fact, many people get their hedgehog dressed up for Christmas, Easter, New Year and of course, Halloween.

There are tons of hedgehog outfits available in the market. You can choose from the wide range of hedgehog costumes, baby hedgehog costumes, and also dress up your hedgehog in hats and other cool accessories.

But while the idea of hedgehog outfit sounds cool, there are a few hedgehog handling tips that you must know before you opt for the baby hedgehog costumes, hedgehog in hats, and hedgehog outfits.

Steps To Handle Baby Hedgehogs Before Hedgehog Clothing:

Though hedgehog outfits are extremely cute, it’s important to first learn how to handle your little spiky friend (they are not too picky) with care. It would be bad if people try to put hedgehogs in hats and end up dropping it instead!

While baby hedgehogs costumes are a must try, learning how to manage them is the first rule.

The following steps must be kept in mind while hedgehog dressing:

Try hedgehog outfit on your pet in the evening when it is most likely to be awake. In the mornings they are asleep and if one tries hedgehogs in hats at that time, they might get angrier and make the task even more difficult. Though hedgehogs are timid creatures, waking them up and putting clothes on them is going to get them annoyed.

While you try baby hedgehog costume on your little darling, allow your pet to sniff your hand every time so that they recognize your smell and get comfortable.

While trying hedgehog clothing, try to gently cup your hands around the corner of the cage, so that your spiky darling walks straight into your hands.

Before getting your hedgehog dressed up, try to lightly press in your hand underneath your standing hedgehog. You might actually get pricked trying to get your hedgehog in costumes. Thus scoop up a bit of bedding when you pick up the hedgehog so that it does not prick much.

While trying baby hedgehog costume, make sure you lift up the hedgehog with care and keep your hands away from its belly. If jittered, then hedgehog might roll up in a ball, and a finger stuck in a rolled-up hedgehog belly is not fun!

While trying hedgehog costumes, try to keep the hedgehog in one hand and lightly cover it with the other hand, or even keep it on the lap. If they feel secure they unroll quickly and begin to explore the place.

Before trying hedgehog outfits on your darling, you need to make sure your hedgehog unrolls quickly. For that to happen you must offer it a quick treat so that it unrolls within a short time. Once they understand that they will be rewarded with a treat if they unroll, they will take less time in doing so.

Dressing Your Spiky Friend In Hedgehog Clothing:

It is difficult to find readymade hedgehog outfits and hedgehog costumes or hedgehog clothing. Thus, you might have to make those yourself. However, you can find readymade costumes for guinea pigs which you can use.

However, you do not have to be excellent in sewing and stitching to make hedgehog clothing. You can do the trick with a bit of glue and felt. In addition to that, you can use colored paper and strings as well.

If you like hedgehogs in hats and want to make baby hedgehog costume, you can also do that yourself. Make cute bows, hats, and flowers to make your hedgehog look cute.

However, if you do not find such small-sized accessories for hedgehog clothing, you can size down outfits made for other pets.

But what makes the best hedgehog clothing? Here is the look into the best clothing options:

Hedgehog clothing, hedgehog costumes, and hedgehog outfit must never be very tight. You have to make the hedgehog outfits comfortable so that it can move around in it comfortably.  The clothes should be airy and should not hurt the hedgehog if it tries to curl up in a ball.

Though hedgehog dressed up in hedgehog costumes and hedgehog outfits look very cute, make sure you don’t leave your pet in the costume for too long. The hedgehog quills can fall off, bent and the skin might become red and swollen if the costume is left on for a long time.

Many people want to put hedgehogs in hats and buy baby hedgehog costumes for their pet. But not every hedgehog likes to dress up. If your hedgehog is annoyed by the costume you put on it, respect its wishes and don’t try to force it into wearing a costume.

While choosing the hedgehog outfits make sure you choose a fabric that does not get stuck in its tooth and quills. This is obviously going to hurt your hedgehog.

It’s important to note that hedgehog costume is to be used on the body and head only. Do not try to cover its face and legs as it will make it very uncomfortable.

Hedgehogs are adorable animals and must be handled with care. You may want to fulfill your wishes by dressing it up, but try to understand its wishes as well. Bond with your spiky friend, make it look cute and adorable, but be prepared to drop your wishes if your pet disapproves.