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You Know it’s Time for Pet Grooming with Groomit When…

You Know it’s Time for Pet Grooming with Groomit When…

More often than not, our pets will make certain to inform us as to whether they need something. For instance, felines may whimper uproariously at their food bowl, while canines may run about the home with their rope in their mouth!

Be that as it may, with regards to preparing, our pets typically don’t tell us until it gets truly downright awful. Consequently, we should be keeping watch for the unobtrusive signs that our pets could do with a decent lucky man before they need to manage any frightful issues!

In this article, we will cover the regular markers that your canine or feline may require preparing, alongside how we at Groomit can help!

It’s Time for Pet Grooming When You Feel Matted Fur!

In case you’re feeling hard knocks or unbending hair all through your pet’s jacket during snuggles, they could be encountering tangling. This is the place where their hide tangles together into ties, which can be excruciating, awkward, and whenever left alone, may turn into a genuine wellbeing hazard.

These mats become more enthusiastically to manage over the long run, so setting everything straight early can save you and your pet a ton of stress! In the event that you need more data about managing mats, look at our article regarding the matter.

In the event that you are attempting to detangle a bunch, never go after the scissors! The managing and shaving of mats ought to exclusively be left to the experts. Connect with us at Groomit and we’d gladly help!

It’s Time for Pet Grooming When You Hear Clacking Claws!

At the point when you can hear your pet coming from the following room because of their clattering hooks, it’s typically an indication of long nails that are needing a decent trim!

The two canines and felines can encounter excessively long nails, which can prompt a great deal of uneasiness and a higher danger of injury when they’re all over town. Hence, a decent pet preparing timetable ought to consistently incorporate ordinary nail managing.

Nail managing can be performed at home, however numerous pets like to wriggle and squirm, making it even more troublesome. On the off chance that your pet attempts to escape once he sees the nail trimmer, it’s a vastly improved plan to connect with us at Groomit. Our expert custodians are prepared to manage nails securely and productively, even with the most restless of creatures!

It’s Time for Pet Grooming After a Muddy Misadventure!

As we enter Fall, the climate is probably going to deteriorate. This will prompt more rain, which implies more mud, which implies more freedoms for our pets to jump heedlessly into sloppy puddles for the sake of entertainment!

Notwithstanding, numerous pets disregard the feared shower that comes after these misfortunes! While you could simply give them a decent flush off, for the best outcomes you should call us at Groomit.

We’ll be over at the earliest opportunity to wash your pet utilizing just characteristic cleanser and conditioner, alongside hypoallergenic choices. After we’re finished with your pet, they’ll look shockingly better than they did before their sloppy naughtiness!

Groomit Makes Pet Grooming Easy!

We trust you’ve appreciated this great article on the basic signs that your pet necessities a decent husband to be. We’ve just covered a glimpse of something larger – there are bounty more reasons why your pet may require an exhaustive preparing meeting.

Continuously make certain to watch out for their jacket, yet their eyes, ears, and paws as well. On the off chance that you discover these may require some consideration, make certain to call us. We’re generally glad to give top-quality professional canine care and feline preparing!

Keep in mind, we come directly to your entryway and husband to be your pet in a totally calm climate. Our administration offers the most extreme in both quality and accommodation.

Make an arrangement now and see what makes our in-home pet preparing administration the best around!

How to Treat Cat Ear Infection

How to Treat Cat Ear Infection

The last thing that pet owners like is when their four-legged friends get sick. Any kind of illness is something that bothers both animals and their human parents. Of course, the only solution is to visit the vet and hope for an effective and non-invasive treatment. Nobody wants their pets to suffer more than they already do.

When a cat gets an ear infection, it can cause some severe issues. It’s crucial to visit your vet as quickly as possible and begin with the treatment. There are several home remedy recipes, and your vet will tell you if you can treat your feline with some of them. You can check for some ideas on natural remedies.

Applying treatments to felines is not easy. During the infection period, kittens are probably in pain, and any touch feels no good to them. In order to prevent the worsening of their health condition, owners must react as soon as possible. Go straight to the vet when you notice something wrong with your feline. Leaving the infection untreated can complicate things further.

Why is Ear Infection in Cats Complicated?

Felines’ ears are their satellites. The hairs inside help your kitten to move, spot the danger, and so on. You know about the cat’s abilities to always fall on their feet. They can do that thanks to these little hairs in their ears. They serve as mobility and proximity sensors.

Imagine how cats feel when these sensors are disrupted. Its mobility and balance capabilities are diminished. So, your little ball of fur won’t be able to coordinate movements, jump, and do anything they usually do.

How to Treat Cat Ear Infection
How to Treat Cat Ear Infection

In case your pet doesn’t live solely indoors, imagine what will happen if a dog chases them. It would hardly avoid the dog as it would typically do.

Also, an infection can mess with felines’ ability to detect sounds. Since animals don’t realize they’re sick, their behavior might change due to the lack of their primary senses. Make sure to adapt daily routines to make things easier for your pussy.

Prevention and Symptoms

Ear mites are among the most common causes of inflammations. Check on this web page what those are. Prevention is virtually impossible. But some changes in cat’s behavior can help you notice the first signs and symptoms of a potential disease. Therefore, the treatment and everything else would be so much easier.

In case you notice the redness, blood, or scratched spots inside your cat’s ears, or your pet is nervous all the time, contact your vet at once. They’ll perform a thorough examination and tests to see if your pet is infected or not. The treatments depend on the infection’s severity.

The most frequent symptoms are swelling, inner redness, and if your cat scratches their head more than usual, these are common signs that something’s wrong. When feline ears get infected, there’s a strange scent coming out of them, and that’s another symptom you must pay attention to.

Talk to the Vet before Applying Any Treatment

Several homemade remedies can help you treat this nasty illness. It’sdesirable to speak to your vet first before doing anything by yourself. Treating any infection in cats without speaking to an expert can cause them more harm than good.

Apple cider vinegar and water mix are excellent for fighting off bacterial infections. Soak a cotton swab in the mix and clean the outer ear and the ear lobe. The same method with pure olive oil is excellent for cleaning the built-up debris and ear mites.

Coconut oil mix, along with some garlic powder, is excellent for repelling parasites. Applying the mix to a cotton swab and gently cleaning your pet’s ear will help eliminate these nasty bugs. Besides these methods, it’s desirable to give a dose of CBD oil to your feline, to soothe them and help them cope with pain.

Ear infection in cats is something you’d want to avoid, and to do so, make sure to clean your home regularly and take your pet’s hygiene. If your cat still gets the infection, visit the vet s soon as possible and listen to their instructions. Apply home treatments only after consulting a pet care expert.

5 Best Flea Treatments for Cats

5 Best Flea Treatments for Cats

Cats often go outside and are more likely to pick up fleas. Don’t worry, we have several shampoos and treatment solutions that will help get rid of that dirty fleas, tick, and lice.

These formulas will not only help you get rid of the dirty organisms but also adds a luster to your cat’s coat with a nice scent all around. We will be sharing five best flea treatment to get rid of them immediately.

Know the signs and symptoms

  • Scratching
  • Skin irritation
  • Presence of dark-red specks on the skin

Here are the best flea prevention products and treatments for cats that you can buy:

1. Bayer Advantage II:

This product provides a full 30 days of protection with a single application. This is a topical flea preventive that is very effective in fighting against fleas at every life stage.

The ingredients include insect growth regulators. It kills adult fleas within 12 hours. It is completely waterproof and comes in three sizes for cats of any weight and age.

2. The Seresto Flea and Tick Collar:

If you want to get rid of the hassle of reapplying topical preventive, Seresto Flea and Tick collar comes to your rescue. It is made with the latest technology for adult fleas, flea larvae, and ticks.

This collar is adjustable for all sizes and is non-greasy and odor-free. The ingredients include imidacloprid and flumethrin. These ingredients are released slowly on your cat’s coat to get rid of the fleas.

3. The Natural Chemistry De Flea Pet Shampoo:

The very first moment when you notice a flea, you should give a clean bath with a flea shampoo. This shampoo is mild and effective on your cat’s coat. This product does not contain any toxic ingredients. It has 3 parts of water and 1 part of concentrate.

4.      Jasper Flea & Tick Spray for Cats:

This is a natural flea control option for you. This is made with all-natural ingredients with a blend of essential oils including rosemary, cedarwood and lemongrass oil. It also repels mosquitos.

5. The Novartis Capstar Flea Control Tablets:

These are an excellent alternative to topical flea preventives. These are oral tablets that start to work within 30 minutes and kill about 90% of the fleas. It offers a full 24 hours of protection.

Dealvoucherz is an online platform that will provide you with manually tested coupon codes when you buy flea control products online.



How to Care for a Cat: Tips and Guidelines

How to Care for a Cat: Tips and Guidelines

Cats make very good friends. Some of you may not be interested in having cats at home due to all the care it comes with, but you should know that every pet needs the same level of care. You can’t step back just because you have to take extra care for a feline. 

If you have a cat, there are several queries popping in your mind. Even the pros are sometimes confused with their feline, so it is okay for a beginner to be confused and concerned for the pet. The question is, how often do you take your feline to a veterinarian? Your soft and purring companion needs some extensive care to keep it healthy. Her playing routine stays in shape, and you can enjoy her company every time. 

You can’t always consult a veterinarian for little problems with your cat. You must be well-aware of the basic caring hacks so that your life gets easier. In today’s tough schedule, it is hard to take care of a pet. Here are some simple tips and guidelines that can help you care for a cat easily and proficiently. You don’t have to worry because these tips don’t demand much of your time. 

  • Cat Grooming is Important 

Your cat needs grooming just like you. Every week or once in fifteen days, take your cat to a grooming place so that her claws stay clean, nails are cut, and the hair is maintained as well. Did you know that long hair can cause infections? Well, parasites make a way in extended hair easily, and infection development is easy. Moreover, a groomed cat always looks good. 

If you can’t take your cat to the grooming place, buy cat supplies online. They can help you and the cat as well.  

  • Healthy Diet 

A healthy diet is always a source of extra strength for you and the cat as well. Buy good quality cat food and always keep a check on her diet. It must be balanced and on time. Don’t overfeed or underfeed it. Just keep it balanced and timed. A proper and healthy diet will keep the cat’s metabolism strong and healthy. You don’t have to worry about health and playing feline if the diet is good. 

  • Hydrated Cats are the Healthy Cats 

The human body is 70 percent water. You must stay hydrated, but what about your cat? Your pets, especially cats, must stay hydrated every time. You must be careful about your cat’s water intake as well. The more hydrated it is, the better the health she has. You can train the cat or put in a little effort on your own to keep the cat hydrated. 

  • Separate Space for Their Living 

Everybody needs some personal space and a bed to relax. Your cat needs some separate space as well. Don’t make her habitual of your attention too much and avoid sharing your bed. Cats get fond of their owner easily, and you may not want to share your bed. It is better to build a separate space for your cat to rest and a litter box that can be easily cleaned. 

  • Comforting Environment

Training a cat to be a healthy and well-mannered cat is not an easy task to be achieved. You have to provide a comforting environment at home to build a friendship with your cat. If your cat is at mental peace, she will be physically fit and taking care of it wouldn’t be a problem for you. 

  • Regular Visits to the Vet

Whenever you plan a visit to the dentist or general physician, schedule an appointment at the veterinarian as well. The cat’s regular visit to the vet can help her achieve the perfect health that you promised. Sometimes, diagnosing the problem isn’t easy. The symptom may not be specific, and you may put your cat in danger. Visit the veterinarian regularly so that health issues are diagnosed earlier. 

  • Keep the Litter Box Clean 

You must take good care of the hygiene of your cat. Clean the litter box every time your cat uses it. Unclean litter boxes make the cats cranky. They also step out of the box to urinate or defecate outside the litter box. Before any of that happens, make a schedule and keep that box clean. 

  • Does It Urinate Outside the Litter Box? 

Cat owners often complain that their cats urinate outside the litter box although they have cleaned it several times. Does your cat do that too? If yes then you better visit a veterinarian soon. This is a symptom of urinary tract infection (UTI) and can lead to serious kidney problems and diabetes. Make sure you keep a good check on your feline. 

  • Train Her to Use Scratch Posts

Another common complaint that has been reported is regarding scratches that cats leave on the couches. To tackle that situation, you can train your cat to use scratch posts. It isn’t easy, but it isn’t impossible either. It’ll take time, but once your cat is trained, you wouldn’t have a problem with torn couches and ripped pillows. 

  •  Cat Carriers for the Car

While traveling, don’t just let the cat sit like a kid. Instead, use a cat carrier to carry her. She will not cause trouble while driving. The main reason that cats get cranky during travel is discomfort. If you placed the cat in a carrier, you would feel a difference in the behavior because their comfort isn’t compromised. 

  •  Spay or Neuter Your Cat 

Reproductive diseases can be lethal for both male and female cats. Spaying and neutering are the names of surgeries for both genders. Spaying reduces the chances of ovarian cancer, uterine infections, and breast tumors in females. On the other hand, neutering reduces the chances of prostate problems and testicular cancers. 

These surgeries can help you keep both the genders safe. 

  •  Keep Oral Hygiene In Check

Cats can have dental hygiene issues. They can also have tooth decay, gum disease, cavity, and tooth loss. If you visit the veterinarian regularly, they can be diagnosed early. At home, brush the cat’s teeth to keep them clean as much as you can. 

The Final Word

Having a pet cat isn’t a big deal if you promise to take good care of her. It just needs some time and effort to give her the best environment. Search on the internet regarding cats. Once you know all about them, you can care for her like the way she deserves. 

Maintain a healthy environment in the house, and her space must be hygienic as well. Never neglect any behavioral changes because they are the signs of serious health issues as well. Schedule regular visits to the veterinarian so that the cat’s health is always in check. Also, the vet must be friendly so that your cat doesn’t run away every time you take her to the hospital. 

Keep the basic tips and guidelines mentioned above in mind so that your cat can spend healthy time with you.  

Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?

Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?

Nutritional benefits of honey have been known to mankind since ages now. It has been a common practice among people to include honey in their daily diet in some or the other way.

It is not only the taste of honey but its various health benefits and healing properties which have made it a popular and widely used food item in both hot and cold beverages.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of honey speed up the natural healing process and help in getting rid of infections.

Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?
Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?

When talking about our pets, no doubt we love them and it is quite common that we end up sharing our food with them. But, wait, do you also end up thinking if the food you eat is safe for your pets or not?

Honey for Pets?

Do you give up when you notice your pet looking at you with wide eyes and beg with utter cuteness while you are eating?

When talking about honey being served to your pets, be it your furball cat or naughty pups, you should first find out if it is safe for them or not as some pets can savor on it when served in a moderate amount while others just don’t like it.

Is honey safe for Cats?

Healthy is surely a healthy treat for humans as it is rich in zinc, copper, vitamin C, potassium, iron, and other antioxidants.

But when talking about treating your cat with this sweet treat, it is not a good choice. This is because honey is high in fructose and glucose, which makes it difficult for cats to digest honey. A cat’s body is not designed in a way to process sugar.

Honey lacks the essential nutrient required by your feline pet. When served to them, though it helps in easing allergies on account of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can also cause an upset stomach.

As a result, your pet cat might end up vomiting or suffer from diarrhea on consuming honey.

The only time when you can serve honey to your feline pets is when they are suffering from sickness or allergies after consulting the vet. 

Will honey hurt Dogs?

If you are planning to use honey for dogs cough, or are thinking to use honey for allergies in dogs, pause and reconsider your decision.

Just like cats, dogs’ digestive system finds it difficult to digest sugar. However, dogs can be fed with honey in a moderate amount as they, to some extent, can digest it.

Since dogs are bigger than cats, it is ok to serve them a slightly more amount of honey compared to what you feed your cat. Certain breeds of large-sized dogs like Doberman or German shepherd can eat more than a half a teaspoon of honey.

But, always remember, that a large amount of honey is not good for your dog as well and hence you need to follow the rule of moderation as a large amount of honey can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Local honey can be used to treat allergies in dogs that have been triggered by pollen but make sure to use it only after having a word with your vet.


Since cats and dogs are carnivores, their digestive system is designed to digest meat and not to digest sugar. Dogs are fond of sweet things whereas cats, on the other hand, can’t taste sweetness.Honey, apart from having a great taste, has health benefits as well. These health benefits of honey for cats and dogs have no scientific evidence.

Revolution Plus for Cat: Comprehensive Review

Revolution Plus for Cat: Comprehensive Review

Ticks, fleas and certain mites are commonly found in cats. These parasites can be harmful to your cat as they survive by sucking your cat’s blood. They may also infect your cat with various deadly infections.

In order to prevent or treat these infections, you must be giving your cat a proper solution to get rid of all these blood sucking parasites. 

While it can be hard for your cat to frequently take several medicines to treat each kind of parasite, we are here to solve this problem for you and your cat.

Keep reading the article to find out about this amazingly effective product. 

As a cat owner, most of you are certainly aware of a product that can kill all the parasites in your cat at one go. Yes! I am indeed talking about Revolution. 

Revolution for Cats: Comprehension Review

Revolution has been a go-to product for many of you to get your cat rid of multiple parasites. It has been marked as a safe product to use on cats, once a month, and effective in eliminating certain dangerous ones like,

  • Mites in ears
  • Eggs of fleas
  • Fully grown fleas
  • Roundworms
  • Heartworms 
  • Hookworms

Well, there is good news for our four-legged pet owners.

Revolution has an upgrade. It is named as Revolution Plus

So it is certain with the name that Revolution has totally broadened its scope for the protection of your cat. 

What is Revolution Plus? 

Revolution plus is a topical solution for cats, which can be applied once every month to provide it with complete protection against potential blood-sucking parasites.

Revolution plus comes with the broadest scope of protection you can ever imagine. 

Revolution plus comes with a motto of 6 in 1 pest protection for every breed of cat bearing different lifestyles. 

Many of you might think that there is no chance of your cat to catch these parasites as they stay inside the house. But here is the truth fellas, you are mistaken.

Be in indoors or outdoors, pets can have a high risk of being a victim to these nasty parasites as they can often encounter them no matter where they stay. 

Fleas, ticks, and worms can possibly enter into your house through windows or main doors. They tend to either hide in your clothes and shoes or get a hold of your cat’s skin (which is the most possible case). 

What makes Revolution Plus an incredible solution?

  • Revolution plus carries the legacy of the cat owners most trusted product, Revolution, which has proven 20 years of excellence in protecting cats. (You can go through a revolution for cat reviews)
  • Revolution plus being an upgrade of Revolution, the solution which is known to be a number one choice of veterinarians when it comes to eliminating parasites in cats.
  • Revolution plus is easy to apply the product with added benefits like quick-drying and a lesser volume of the product that makes it easy to use every month. 
  • Be it the adult cats or young kittens that are just 8 weeks old, with a 2.8 lbs weight or more, it is safe to use the product on every one of them.
  • It serves as an all in one solution against all the 6 forms of potent parasites in just one dose.
  • No more separation or remaining untouched with your cat after applying the solution. 

What makes Revolution Plus better than Revolution? 

Revolution plus as said is an updated drug formula of Revolution. This is an FDA ( U.S Food and Drug Administration) approved the drug and has a unique formulation. 

While Revolution has only one kind of active ingredient (selamectin), Revolution plus contains two active ingredients that make it furthermore effective. 

The two active ingredients of Revolution plus are Selamectin and Sarolenar. While the Selamectin shows its action on fleas, flea eggs, roundworms, heartworms, hookworms, and ear mites, Sarolenar shows its action on ticks, fleas and ear mites.

This is how revolution plus works on parasites besides giving extra protection when it comes to the most commonly infecting fleas, ticks, and mites.

Why should you choose Revolution plus over others? 

You can figure out how amazing action Revolution plus shows in terms of pest protection and safety by comparing its label with the labels of other pest protection products.

In recent years, there have been huge improvements in treating the ticks and fleas in dogs. What about those in cats? 

So until now, there were not many effective drugs to kill fleas and ticks in a cat, but thanks to Revolution plus. 

Isoxazoline is a class of drugs that is included in many popular oral medications for dogs to kill ticks and fleas. There was no such powerful combination of isoxazoline when it comes to products that eliminate fleas and ticks in cats.

However, Revolution plus has now come up with a combination of the Isoxazoline class drugs called selamectin and sarolaner. 

This combination has proven to be more efficacious in killing certain ticks that no other pest killer has killed completely. Here are some of them, 

  • American dog tick
  • Black-legged tick
  • Gulf Coast tick

Sarolenar, the second active ingredient in Revolution plus is often associated with extreme reactions like seizures, tremors, and ataxia ( improper balancing due to damage in nerve, muscle or brain cells).

This is the reason why the combination is of 15mg selamectin and 2.5mg of sarolaner. It is therefore made in such a way that it is completely safe for the cat.

However, as it is specially designed for cats, it may cause a slight irritation when it comes in contact with the human skin and eyes. So necessary precautions are to be taken before using it. 

It is important to talk to a veterinary doctor before using Revolution plus on your cat as cats with a history of neurological disorders can show adverse side effects. 

How to use Revolution plus for cats?  

Many of you might pop a question regarding how to apply revolution for cats and here is the proper way.

It is better if you take a demonstration of how to use Revolution plus for cats if you are using it on your cat for the first time. A veterinarian or a veterinary technician can be of great help.

  • First, take the Revolution plus tube and press the cap down firmly to break the seal. You can confirm that the seal is punctured when there is a click sound. Remove the cap and check the tip to ensure if the tube is opened. 
  • Now part hair of your cat on its back, in front of its shoulder and at the base of its neck. Part in way that the skin beneath its hair is visible.
  • It’s time to apply the product on the skin of your cat. Place the tip of the tube directly on the skin and squeeze until the tube is emptied at a single spot.
  • Drag the tube along its skin, lift and remove it. Check if the tube contents are emptied. 

Apart from the instruction of application, there are certain precautions you should be taking while applying Revolution plus on your cat. Read them below. 

  • Do not massage the product into the cat’s skin.
  • Do not apply it on the broken or damaged skin as it contains alcohol which can irritate the skin.
  • Do not apply the product when the hair of the cat is wet.
  • Make no contact with the product with your bare fingers. Use gloves.
  • Do not panic if you notice stiff hair, discoloration of hair, clumped hair or powdery residue as they are temporary and do not alter the effectiveness of the product.
  • Do not let children or infants get their hands on the tubes. Discard the empty tubes in a dustbin. 

So the readers generally have several doubts by the end of this article, so here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Revolution plus. Check if one of these is your question too. 

Q. What are the Revolution for cats side effects? 

A. The usual side effects in cats that used Revolution plus are noted to be lethargy (laziness) and anorexia (change in eating habits or appetite), but these are no matter of concern as they do not last for a long time. 

Q. What is the Revolution for cats dosage? 

A. The minimum recommended dosage is 2.7mg selamectin and 0.45mg sarolenar per pound of body weight, which means, 6mg/kg and 1mg/kg respectively.

Q. How often can I apply revolution to my cat? 


  • For Revolution cat flea treatment, you can use the product every month for complete year protection or begin just a month before the fleas become active.
  • For treating and controlling ticks, use the product all year in monthly intervals or start a month before the ticks get active.
  • For preventing heartworms, use the product every month until the mosquito season ends and give a final dose after the end of the mosquito season.
  • For treating and controlling ear mites, cleanse the infected ear to remove dirt and debris and do not apply the product into its ear canal. Give a single dose near the ear for each month.
  • For treating and controlling infections of nematodes, like hookworms and roundworms, a monthly single dose of the product is recommended.

Q. How long does revolution take to work?

A. The topical solution gets into action the very minute you have applied in onto your cat’s skin.

Q. Is revolution safe for cats? 

A. As it is an FDA approved a drug, it is completely safe for cats, but be cautious while using it on cats with certain neurological disorders like seizures. However, the product is effective even when given along with other cat medication.

Q. What if my cat licks revolution?

A. There is no major issue when your cat licks the product. It may feel a temporary lack of appetite and drowsiness. But as the product is applied on areas where the cat tongue can’t reach it, there will possibly be no such issue. 

Q. How to store revolution for cats? 

A. The product is to be stored at a temperature of 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. How safe is Revolution for kittens under 8 weeks? 

A. It best not to use the product on kittens under 2 months or 8 weeks old or with weight less than 2.8lbs and on breeding, pregnant or lactating cats.

Now that you are aware of the benefits this product offers, you can search online to get revolution for cats coupon. There are also online sites that offer revolution for cats rebate upon your purchase. So wait no more, check for revolution for cats discounts online and order the product for your furry friend.

Why do Cats Roll in Dirt

Why do Cats Roll in Dirt

Cats are a popular choice when it comes to choosing a pet. They are the ideal house pets and they are very low maintenance. Since you have a cat for a pet, you may have noticed that your cat has the habit of playing or rolling around in the dirt and may have made you concerned with regards to there being something wrong with your cat. Well, this post is with regards to just that and for a starting note let me tell you, it is perfectly fine if your cat has a habit of rolling around in the dirt.

When the cats are rolling around in the dirt, it is because they are taking, what is called as a ‘Dust Bath’. Sand Bathing or Dust Bathing is a behavior exhibited by animals with a purpose likely for removing parasites from feathers, fur or skin, scratching themselves in areas they can’t reach and also to mark their territory.


It actually is healthy if your cat is rolling around in the dirt, while as a owner you are worried that it is making your cat all dirty, your cat on the other has excellent reasons for doing so. Given below are a few reasons and explanations as to why your cat is rolling around in the dirt.  

  • It helps cats in cooling down

One of the main reasons you may see you cat rolling is dirt is because your cat may be trying to cool down. Freshly dug soil is soft, moist which makes the soil cool and better than the soil that has been exposed to the sun. Therefore, if you live in regions where it is exceptionally hot or perhaps it is a very hot day, you may see your cat rolling around in the dirt as a process to cool itself down.

  • It helps them to scratch

You may have noticed that your cat has a habit to scratch itself on the furniture of your home. The reasons for scratching on furniture are pretty much the same as rolling around in the dirt. It helps the cat scratch any infection that is being cause by any parasites on its body.

  • A way for cats to mark their territory

Cats also use dust bathing as a way to mark their territory. Cats while rolling in the dirt leave a smell as they have scent glands in their paws, cheeks and the top of their heads.

Also, while rolling around in the dirt your cat may also be checking for the scent of any other cat and if so, would roll around in it so as to overpower the scent and claim that area as his territory.

  • Helps in Digestion

Another reason for cats rolling around in the dirt is so that they can ensure proper digestion of the food they need. You must be guessing how that sis possible? Well here is the answer.

While rolling around in dirt, your cat will lets its fur catch some of the bacterial that is present in the soil. Your cat after this would resort to licking its own fur as a way to take in some of the bacterial. This bacterial that your cat takes in side, helps replenish the digestive bacterial that is present in your cats stomach which in turn helps in proper digestion of the food. This same bacterial also wards off any pathogens that may infect your cat’s stomach.   

  • Makes them feel ecstatic

Rolling in dirt can also be your cat’s way of keeping itself entertained. It is just as same as playing with wool or running after birds. Your cat maybe is just bored and is trying to have a little fun as rolling around in the dirt can make him feel quite ecstatic.

  • May be because the cat is in heat

If you have a female cat, she may be rolling in the dirt because she is in heat whereas if your cat is male, he may resort to rolling around in the dirt in the presence of other male cats. Sometime, female cats also roll in the presence of male cats. Even if you were to place your cat in a group setting, it would mostly roll towards the opposite sex as its one of the indications of wanting to mate.

  • Helps the cats in communicating with the owner

Lastly, if you see your cat rolling on its back, it may be trying to communicate with you. Your cat’s body language is very important and according to studies, if a cat rolls on its back it wants it owner to give it a belly rub but in case the cat rolls on its back while twitching its tail, it might want to take a nap and that is perfectly normal because cats can sleep up to 15 hours a day.


Yes, it should be of no alarm to you generally if your cat is rolling around in the dirt. However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind when you see your cat rolling around in the dirt.

  • If your cat has been incessantly rolling around in the dirt and also biting or scratching itself a lot, you should check for red patches or for infection on the skin as your cat may be doing so to get rid of the itchiness that it may be feeling because of such infection.
  • Also, keep in mind that if your cat has a habit of rolling around in the dirt that the dirt your cat is rolling around in is not full of chemicals. As mentioned above, a cat also licks its fur after rolling around in the dirt as a way of taking in bacteria that helps your cat with digestion.


You have seen the reasons for which your cat may be rolling around in the dirt. It’s perfectly normal and nothing to be alarmed about. However, you should always practice a little bit of care in every situation and ensure that your cat while rolling in dirt is not doing it for reasons that are not normal.