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How to Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

How to Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter

Keeping your dog warm during the winter season is important to avoid any infection and prevent illnesses. There are different methods that you can use to keep your dog warm, especially during the winter. Depending on your dog’s breed, you can try a combination of these methods to see which ones would work best for you and your pet.

Here are some effective ways:

  • Buy Dog Coats

You can get different dog coats to see the ones that suit your dog best. Some online pet stores like Hurtta Canada provide a wide selection of different coats that will make your dog feel warm during this winter. When choosing the perfect dog coat, you must take your dog’s measurements. If the coat is too big, he or she may feel the cold. If the coat is too tight, your dog won’t be comfortable. To take measurements you should measure his or her biggest part of the chest and the narrowest part of the waist. 

The dog freezes. Funny dog wrapped in a warm blanket. Outside the window snow, winter

You should also measure the size of the neck. High-quality coats don’t come with parts that your dog can easily chew or bite off. The coat should also be designed in such a way that is easy to slip on and off. 

  • Groom Your Dog

You should make sure that your dog is groomed regularly, particularly during the winter. It will be wise for you to go for affordable finds on your dog supplies so you can buy all that your fur baby needs. If your dog goes outside in the rain or snow, water can get trapped in the fur between his or her toes. This trapped moist will make your dog feel cold and uncomfortable, and can eventually lead to sickness. Try to avoid taking your dog out when the ground is flooded or damp. 

Pug dog walking on snow in park. Happy puppy wearing winter coat. Clothes for animals

Although the fur in the toes shouldn’t be long enough to trap moist, shaving off the fur on your dog’s body can make him or her cold. Fur acts as a barrier therefore it’s recommended to keep it until the warm weather. You should make sure to brush the fur especially after your dog has been outdoors. Having brushed the fur, you should dry your dog if he or she appears moist. Dog coats are recommended to avoid this particular concern regarding your dog getting wet. 

  • Elevate The Dog Bed 

You can make sure that your dog sleeps on an elevated space so that he or she isn’t affected by the cold draught. You can find elevated dog beds specifically designed for this purpose. Alternatively, you can make this type of bed by finding a base where you can place bedding. Make sure that the bedding is low enough for your dog to comfortably climb, and high enough to avoid the cold floor. 

  • Include Winter Blankets 

You can include winter blankets on your dog’s bed for warmth. Not all dogs enjoy the feeling of being wrapped in a blanket. Some may throw the blankets away. If this is the case, you can always place the blanket under your dog for added padded warmth. 

  • Spend More Time Indoors

You are supposed to walk your dog regularly so that your dog can exercise. You are still encouraged to do so during the winter; however, you should cut down on the hours spent outdoors. You can get creative and find ways to exercise with your dog while indoors. You can run up and down the staircase with your dog, set an obstacle course, or play tug of war for example. That way, your dog gets exercise while keeping warm indoors. 

  • Place A Kennel

If your dog sleeps outside, you should build a quality kennel. A kennel shields your dog from the direct impact of rain and snow. It also acts as a barrier to direct wind and draughts. You should position your kennel at a place that is conveniently tucked away from open ground. For example, you can place the kennel on your patio or balcony compared to the middle of the yard where there is no form of barrier for the kennel. You can also place straw or hay which will insulate the kennel and provide warm comfort for your dog.


The different ways that you can keep your dog warm include taking measurements for a snug dog coat. You can also elevate your dog’s bed so that he or she doesn’t feel the draught on the floor. You can include winter blankets to wrap your dog with, though he or she may throw it off. In that case, you can add the blanket as padding. Spend as much time indoors as you can with your dog and create a schedule for indoor exercising sessions. If your dog sleeps outside, you should provide a kennel and pad it with straw for warmth. Keeping your dog well-groomed is important to facilitate warmth.

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

Nowadays, most people who buy dogs are pursuing purebred dogs, and some even spend a lot of money to buy purebred dogs with better pedigrees. In fact, in many cases, keeping a dog is just for relaxation.

As long as the dog is cute, it doesn’t make much sense whether it is a purebred. Recently, a mixed breed dog named Cooper has become popular on the Internet. The dog is a cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a Teddy, greatly pursued by dog lovers.

What is the difference between mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs? This article mainly introduces the advantages of mixed breed dogs and several varieties of mixed breed dogs.

Advantages of mixed breed dogs 

Excellent hybrid reproduction must be meaningful, not ordinary mixed breed dogs. Absolute purebred breeding must have genetic problems, such as human hemophilia, dog CHD, those are the consequences of this kind of breeding, so every time purebred dogs must introduce a foreign blood line to break heredity Congenital diseases brought by. Otherwise, this pure blood will be eliminated naturally, which is also the law of natural selection.

The physique of mixed breed dogs 

There are many advantages of mixed breed dogs. First of all, the appearance of mixed breed dogs is not necessarily unsightly. As long as they are properly bred, they can still breed better-looking dogs. The aforementioned Cooper is a good example.

In addition, we all know that the physique of purebred dogs is not particularly good, and the physique of  mixed breed dogs is usually better than that of purebred dogs. Most purebred dogs have some congenital defects.

For example, Dalmatian is prone to congenital deafness, boxer dogs are prone to malignant tumors, and Doberman pins are prone to bleeding problems similar to hemophilia.

Vision diseases that afflict purebred dogs like nightmares include cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal degeneration that can cause blindness. According to a survey conducted by the Pennsylvania University of Veterinary Medicine on thousands of dogs, they found that purebred dogs are three times more likely to have congenital heart disease than mixed breed dogs.

According to Dr. George Padgett of Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine, each mixed breed dogs has an average of more than a dozen genetic defects.

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs
Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

IQ of mixed breed dogs

In addition, the IQ of mixed breed dogs is also not low, and it can even be said that the IQ of many mixed breed dogs is much higher than that of some purebred dogs. Although mixed breed dogs have many advantages, it is not so simple to match good mixed breed dogs.

First of all, the size of the two dogs should not be too different, otherwise even if the breeding is successful, there may be dystocia. It is also necessary to consider the problem of choosing the best and eliminating the inferior for breeding mixed breed dogs. It’s a good way to keep the excellent parts of the dog and make up for some shortcomings with the advantages of another dog.

The variety of mixed breed dogs 

Dachshund: mixed breed dogs of dachshund and Dalmatian

When you mix a Dalmatian with a dachshund, you will see this little mixed breed dogs with spots all over. If you see a dachshund for the first time, you may be a little confused. But, can you stand the cute eyes of this mixed-breed dog and the fast swinging of its tail?

Australian Dogs: Mixed breed dogs of Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian

The Australian Shepherd is also called the Shepherd. If you mix it with a Pomeranian, you will get an Australian dog. This is a loyal watchdog that loves to play.

If you want to buy one or adopt one, you will find this mixed-breed dog likes to play with children like a kid. Australian dogs are very friendly to children and are absolutely heartfelt to their owners.

Aluski: Alaska and Huskies mixed breed dogs

Balto In this children’s movie, this Aluski is a hybrid of Alaska and Husky.

Although it is still not easy to distinguish, Aluski’s personality is of a calm type, and he is gentle with other small animals, and Aluski’s affectionate eyes are full of emotion.

Puggle: mixed breed dogs of pugs and beagles

Pugs and Beagles are cute, but even more amazing is that they mix together. It’s called puggle, and it looks as cute as its name sounds.

Generally speaking, a beagle can be 13-15 inches tall, but there are some toy versions that can be less than 13 inches tall, believing you will like it because they are smart and cute domestic dogs.

Komatia or Dalmatian: the mixed breed dogs of Corgi and Dalmatian

The height and body shape of this mixed breed resemble a Corgi, and the fur and head shape resemble a Dalmatian. Some people call it Komatia, and some call it Dalkoji. Anyway, Komatia is still very popular.

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs
Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

Yorkiepoo: Mixed breed dogs of Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle

As for the degree of cuteness, the appearance and the pronunciation of the name of the mixed breed of Yorkiepoo are the same cute, and the height range of the kiepoo puppies is between 6-15 inches. They may also weigh between 4 and 14 pounds.

Ponsky: mixed breed dogs of Pomeranian and Husky

This will be irresistible blue eyes like steel. The Ponsky has soft, fluffy hair, focused ears, and the small size of this hybrid breed. It also has the cuteness of Pomeranian and Husky.

Schnudel: Schnerzer and the mixed breed dogs of the Poodle

This is a small breed of mixed breed, as cute as its name.

Schnudel is an active, intelligent, and friendly breed. Its weight can range from 6-76 pounds, but the most popular Schnudel today is the smaller type. This makes Schnudel an excellent domestic dog.

Corgi: the mixed breed dogs of Corgi and Poodle

This mixed breed proves a truth. If you mix a cute breed with another cute breed, you will get a cuter breed, the Corgipo.

What’s more interesting is that Corgipo is considered to be a designer dog, which means that this new hybrid breed will be recognized by an authoritative certification.

Although the mixed breed of Corgipo is relatively new, it is easy to find in pet stores because everyone wants to keep a Corgipo.

So unless you have a clear goal of which dog breed you want to raise, raising a good-looking mixed breed is a good choice for people who are new to dogs. However, the owner should still have a certain understanding of the characteristics of some purebred dogs, so as not to be deceived if they want to buy purebred dogs in the future because they do not understand the breed of dogs.


CBD Oil Effectively Treats Minor Wounds For Your Dog

CBD Oil Effectively Treats Minor Wounds For Your Dog

Dogs are rambunctious, especially when they’re puppies, getting into all kinds of mischief, usually resulting in scrapes, scratches, and cuts. There is also the occasional incision following surgeries such as spaying and neutering. These wounds require proper care, so infection doesn’t set in, especially with open sores.

Some natural alternatives note to be an alternative to the basic conventional options to help wounds heal quickly instead of needing chemically-laden topicals or antibiotics. But be always sure to follow the animal’s vet for guidance regarding what is best for your pet’s safety.

Healing A Canine’s Open Wounds With CBD Oil

Typical prescriptions rendered for these types of injuries include antibacterials, antiseptics, or immunosuppressant-type ointments proving harsh for puppy’s system bringing the potential for adverse reactions. Most pet parents now prefer the use of organic options to safely but quickly heal the area without the risk of pain, bleeding, or the development of infection.

One such option is CBD or cannabidiol oil. Application of the topical applications directly swabbed to the area promotes healthy skin with added ingredients aside from the oil to include things like manuka honey, aloe vera, and coconut oil.

CBD-infused lotions boast as reducing inflammation with the potential of accelerating the healing process. It touts as offering antibacterial and analgesic properties assisting with the relief of pain and prevention of infection. Claims suggest it is the ideal natural alternative for treating minor cuts, scrapes, scratches and promoting incision healing following surgeries.

Further suggestions maintain that because the compound has the potential for regenerating skin cells and limiting damaged cells from reproducing, it has the possibility for reducing the appearance of scarring.

There are a number of different ointments, oils, and lotions. It’s essential to use products specifically created for your dog and test an area on the skin to ensure the puppy doesn’t react to the product. Dogs are prone to skin allergies. You don’t want to create a worse situation. For guidance on pup licking his wounds followers.

CBD Oil Effectively Treats Minor Wounds For Your Dog
CBD Oil Effectively Treats Minor Wounds For Your Dog

Other Natural Remedies Beneficial For Puppy Wound Care

Some all-natural substances that you may have at home can be used in an effort to treat your pup’s injuries in place of traditional pharmaceuticals.

Before trying any treatment, the first step is to take your canine to his regular vet to make sure the superficial wound is the only consequence of his playing.

You don’t want to be overlooking the potential of there being a more serious underlying injury like perhaps a fracture. After you get the approval to try at-home remedies, some include:

  • Sea Salt (Unrefined): Using any kind of herbal tea combined with unrefined, mineral-rich sea salt notes to be an effective treatment for skin disorders, cuts, incisions, or any superficial scrape or abrasion. It’s also useful as an eyewash (strained chamomile tea that’s been lightly salted).

To make the spray for your pup’s sore, you’ll blend four cups of tea with ½ cup salt, even plain salt is good for healing, along with ¾ cup aloe gel or juice.

  • An Apple Cider Vinegar Wash:  People have used apple cider vinegar for various therapeutic and medicinal applications, but for dogs, it can be applied to their wounds, incisions, infected areas, lifeless fur, itches, calluses, It boasts the ability to soothe the puppy’s skin, bringing the shine back to the coat, improving healing, and preventing ticks and fleas.

For a ‘grandma’s recipe’ for your canine, you should blend a multitude of herbs in with the vinegar to use in a spray. These can include any combination of the following: juniper berries, rosemary, rose petals, lavender flowers, orange peel, chamomile blossoms, lemon peel, cinnamon, calendula blossoms, or cloves.

The herbs should be scattered within a glass jar to one-third capacity and cover those with unpasteurized cider vinegar organic. It would be best if you placed the sealed jar in a warm area for no less than a month.

When time’s up, it should be strained, and the liquid transferred into bottles to be kept cool. Shake before use. (Use white vinegar for pups that have white or light fur.)

  • Rinses Using Herbal Teas: (Any of these teas can be used with the vinegar recipe.) Any type of wound has the potential for cleansing with a strong brewing tea applied as a rinse, spray, compress, or wash. These promote fast heal times. You can buy dried herbs at a majority of organic food markets or plant some.

Some with properties famous for skin healing include St. John’s wort blossoms, lavender leaves blossoms, calendula blossoms, comfrey root and leaf, narrow/broadleaf plantain.

Claims suggest that comfrey consists of ‘allantoin,’ which is a ‘cell-growth stimulant.’ The substance boasts the ability to aid in the fractured bones’ healing process when it’s topically applied.

The disadvantage is it may work too quickly to be applied to skin that has been sutured for fear of not being able to remove them or having to puncture the skin to take them out. It touts as exceptionally beneficial for insect bites, burns, cuts, and other types of injuries.

Natural remedies like these and CBD organic products created explicitly for furry companies, seen via online sites like, are healthy alternatives providing effective results without the adverse reactions that traditional methods produce.

First and foremost, when you see your dog has been hurt, make a vet visit right away to ensure the visible injury is the only one sustained. From that point, treatment can be determined.

Essential Tips on How You Can Save on Your Dog Supplies Online

Essential Tips on How You Can Save on Your Dog Supplies Online

Essential Tips on How You Can Save on Your Dog Supplies Online

Having a pet is not only a worthwhile experience but can be expensive in the long run. At the back of every pet owner’s mind is how to save on the daily costs of keeping their precious family addition without compensating for quality.

For families intending to own a dog, the starting expense comes in the form of many things, including:

  • Adoption fees or purchase costs

  • Training

  • Neutering

  • Accessories, such as beds, carrier bags, collars, leashes

  • Microchip implantation

Getting dog supplies online provides a cost-effective alternative to pet maintenance. Providing quality food supply and various other needs may become a burden, but the right strategies mitigate the costs of raising your pets.


Get Your Pet Supplies Online to Start Saving

One good strategy to save on your pet’s needs is to go online. Online sellers often get their supplies directly from the manufacturer, eliminating intermediaries that make products more expensive. Additionally, most websites offer coupons and free shipping to entice pet owners to purchase on their site.

There are also several other ways to save money when purchasing online. You can access a merchant’s website through rebates and cashback shopping sites that offer a specific percentage of goods via their affiliate links. The simple idea of using a cashback website is not only a prudent way of saving but also a better way of extending your finances.

Subscribe to a Website to Save on Your Pet Supplies

If you are continually cowering the internet for new suppliers now and then, it is time to stick to one merchant for dog supplies online. Most websites offer a subscription for pet owners who need recurring orders from time to time. It spells discounts as your membership often entails a loyalty program that kick starts a nest egg for your furry friends.

Also, a website subscription lessens other extra expenses, including premium charges for gasoline, and helps save your precious time attending to routine drives and purchases. It’s much more convenient to purchase your dog supplies online and have them delivered right at your doorsteps.

Buy Your Dog Supplies in Bulk and Use Website Coupons

Most websites offer you to buy in bulk, cutting the costs to a significant amount from the purchase price of individual orders. Opting for bulk also guarantees you get a steady supply of quality dog foods your canine friends love.

Online stores always carry discount coupons, which also gives you more savings in return for doing business with the pet supply website. Using such an in-store advantage will provide you with savings every time you purchase items from the store.

Buying pet supplies online is not just convenient because of the discounts, but some sites offer freebies from time to time. Taking advantage of such promotions always gives you the upper hand to purchase while keeping your business in check.

Dog owners often find plenty of advantages when purchasing their pet goods online. It does not only provide the convenience you need but also gives you value for every purchase. Occasional promotions and great discounts are just some of the benefits you get guaranteeing that you get the items and food your canine friends would always love to have.

Author Bio: Carmel Issac is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.

Purchase No Rx Dog Supplies for Your Pets with a Special Condition

Purchase No Rx Dog Supplies for Your Pets with a Special Condition

There are instances when your canine friend suffers from a specific condition that requires a veterinarian recommended diet. If your pet has allergies to a particular dog food ingredient, suffers from flea infections, or have kidney disease, you would need to purchase a unique kibble the doctor advises.

Most often, prescriptions are required before you can make a purchase. But no Rx dog supplies will allow you to get hold of such items without being questioned. Keeping your pets healthier is much more convenient when you have a site where you can purchase the same goods or similar ones without going to your veterinarian.


What are Dog Food and Pet Supplies Only Sold by Prescription?

Prescription diets and supplies for your pet dogs are often required to regulate their physical condition and maintain their wellness. The only rub to this kind of situation is their availability, only sold through your vet’s local clinic. As they are regulated, they are significantly pricier than most dog supplies in the market.

For example, a canine with constant flea attacks would require a dog shampoo with activyl, which helps control the life cycle and propagation of fleas. Purchasing them at the supermarket might be harder considering their availability. The only real solution to this problem is looking for no Rx dog supplies from reliable online stores.

According to a pet nutritionist and veterinarian, therapeutic pet diets undergo large-scale testing to guarantee their efficacy before releasing into the market. Closing the gap between the testing and marketing efforts of a company means that they should only be purchased with the authorization of a certified veterinarian.

Remove the Constraints of Keeping Your Dog’s Health in Check

Fulfilling your canine friend’s needs doesn’t require constant vet visits to get their unique food and supplies. While it can be useful to provide them with the regimen necessary for their condition, you do not have to acquire enormous expenses by purchasing them through a vet always. In most cases, these pet needs are more expensive than those available online and in supermarkets.

Mitigating all possible expenses and getting the same quality supplies from other sources will help you stretch your money for your canine pets. The only things you need to consider when buying no Rx dog supplies are the ingredients and unique formulation required to maintain their health.

Since RX required pet supplies undergo strict regulations, the pet market has created some means to help pet owners save on their pet keeping duties. Some sites offer the same calibre dog supplies, similar to what your pet doctor provides.

No Veterinarian Involvement required for a Purchase

There are certain foods and pet products in the market that are appropriated with the same level of ingredients based on what your veterinarian prescribes. For example, if your canine pet has kidney problems, there are dog food available with lesser protein levels.

Or, if your dog has constant flea attacks, you do not have to get meds at the vet clinic because there are aftermarket products with the same active ingredients found in the doctor’s office. These products are not only adequate to keep your canine pet healthy but also cheaper compared to the other route.

At What Age Do You Stop Vaccinating Your Dog?

At What Age Do You Stop Vaccinating Your Dog?

Your dog is the most important thing that could have happened to you. We all know the importance of our pets in our life, when we are alone it is our pets that come to our rescue so it is up to us to save them too. When you have adopted a pet into your house, their food, their medicine, their health, and their own being rests upon you.

As they cannot talk so you have to continuously be on the alert to understand whether they are in any problem or not. You have to maintain their diet and vaccination and everything. Yes, pets get vaccinated too. Vaccination is an important phrase that every pet has to go through for security as wealth as health reasons.

There is a certain age from which you start vaccinating your dog and it goes up to a certain age in which it has to stop. There is a course of this vaccination process that you have to keep in mind. Whenever you tell anyone “my dog has never been vaccinated”, make sure that you get him vaccinated because this particular step is very important for your dog.

In this article, we will talk about the importance of vaccination, the difference between vaccinated and unvaccinated dogs, if vaccinating an older dog is safe and why it is necessary.

What is vaccination and what does it aim to do?

Vaccination means administrating vaccines that will fight against the unwanted viruses in the body so that the virus does not affect the host. Vaccinations are of various types depending on the virus. Necessary vaccinations are written

  • Bordetella Bronchiseptica: It causes coughing, vomiting.
  • Canine Distemper: It attacks the respiratory, gastrointestinal (GI), and nervous systems.
  • Canine Hepatitis: This particular virus attacks the liver, kidneys, spleen, lungs, and the eyes of the host.
  • Canine Parainfluenza: It mainly contributes to kennel cough.
  • Coronavirus: It also affects the gastronomical system of dogs.
  • Heartworm: Heartworm shortens your pup’s life. There is no vaccination but you have to continue the medication.
  • Kennel cough: It is also known as tracheobronchitis, kennel cough results from inflammation of the upper airways.
  • Leptospirosis: This particular bacteria is found on the soil and water. The dogs do not show any symptoms however it is a zoonotic disease.
  • Parvovirus: This particular bacteria attacks unvaccinated dogs and puppies.
  • Rabies: It affects the nervous system of the host causing headache, anxiety, hallucinations, excessive drooling, fear of water, paralysis, and resulting in death.

Difference between vaccinated dog and unvaccinated dog: The difference is very self-explanatory. If you do not vaccinate your dogs they will be prone to get affected by at least any one of the viruses once in their lifetime. All those viruses are not kind on the host so it will be a smart move to vaccinate your dog. Vaccinations strengthen your dog’s immunity system. The boost is all a dog needs when threatened with such dangerous viruses.

At What Age Do You Stop Vaccinating Your Dog?
At What Age Do You Stop Vaccinating Your Dog?

Age limit for vaccinating dogs: The various vaccine is injected from different stages. The vaccination process mainly starts with the 6th week of age. And continues till the 3years of age. There is however such vaccination that requires to be done after 3 years of age.

Vaccinating older dogs with rabies shots should be in the schedule. From 6-8 weeks old one has to inject the pups with distemper, parainfluenza. From 10-12 weeks of the old one has to inject the dogs with DHPP, from 12-24 weeks of age, one has to inject the dog with rabies vaccination.

From 14-16 weeks of age, the dog should be injected with DHPP again. From 12-16 months of age, the dog has to be injected with DHPP and rabies which are a late puppy vaccination. From here the dog should be vaccinated with rabies with 3years gap as required by the law.

For how long does one need to vaccinate the dogs: As long as it needs to. The dogs require that completed course of vaccination as per schedule in order to be not affected with any of the bacteria.

The importance of vaccinating dogs:

  • A rabies shot is very important as it can drive any dog crazy and act dangerously. Rabies shots should never be missed.
  • Yearly dog vaccination necessary because it helps boost the immune system and keep them healthy.
  • Vaccinations keep the dogs healthy and away from any problematic illness.
  • Vaccinations physically make a dog stronger as it helps the dog dodge any serious illness.
  • Vaccination is important as some of the diseases are passable. It can affect others.
  • When you adopt a dog, lawfully you have to abide by each and every step and vaccination is one of them.
Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?

Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?

Nutritional benefits of honey have been known to mankind since ages now. It has been a common practice among people to include honey in their daily diet in some or the other way.

It is not only the taste of honey but its various health benefits and healing properties which have made it a popular and widely used food item in both hot and cold beverages.

The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties of honey speed up the natural healing process and help in getting rid of infections.

Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?
Can Dogs and Cats Eat Honey?

When talking about our pets, no doubt we love them and it is quite common that we end up sharing our food with them. But, wait, do you also end up thinking if the food you eat is safe for your pets or not?

Honey for Pets?

Do you give up when you notice your pet looking at you with wide eyes and beg with utter cuteness while you are eating?

When talking about honey being served to your pets, be it your furball cat or naughty pups, you should first find out if it is safe for them or not as some pets can savor on it when served in a moderate amount while others just don’t like it.

Is honey safe for Cats?

Healthy is surely a healthy treat for humans as it is rich in zinc, copper, vitamin C, potassium, iron, and other antioxidants.

But when talking about treating your cat with this sweet treat, it is not a good choice. This is because honey is high in fructose and glucose, which makes it difficult for cats to digest honey. A cat’s body is not designed in a way to process sugar.

Honey lacks the essential nutrient required by your feline pet. When served to them, though it helps in easing allergies on account of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, it can also cause an upset stomach.

As a result, your pet cat might end up vomiting or suffer from diarrhea on consuming honey.

The only time when you can serve honey to your feline pets is when they are suffering from sickness or allergies after consulting the vet. 

Will honey hurt Dogs?

If you are planning to use honey for dogs cough, or are thinking to use honey for allergies in dogs, pause and reconsider your decision.

Just like cats, dogs’ digestive system finds it difficult to digest sugar. However, dogs can be fed with honey in a moderate amount as they, to some extent, can digest it.

Since dogs are bigger than cats, it is ok to serve them a slightly more amount of honey compared to what you feed your cat. Certain breeds of large-sized dogs like Doberman or German shepherd can eat more than a half a teaspoon of honey.

But, always remember, that a large amount of honey is not good for your dog as well and hence you need to follow the rule of moderation as a large amount of honey can cause an upset stomach or diarrhea.

Local honey can be used to treat allergies in dogs that have been triggered by pollen but make sure to use it only after having a word with your vet.


Since cats and dogs are carnivores, their digestive system is designed to digest meat and not to digest sugar. Dogs are fond of sweet things whereas cats, on the other hand, can’t taste sweetness.Honey, apart from having a great taste, has health benefits as well. These health benefits of honey for cats and dogs have no scientific evidence.

Tear Stain Remover that works

Tear Stain Remover that works

If you own a dog, you already know how wonderful it is to become an owner. You are loved and trusted by a little creature. Also, there is always someone you can cuddle and share your emotions with. Dogs are the really excellent and beautiful companion, among many others.

Now when our dogs can understand every little behavioral change we have or the way we behave, we must take care of every detail about them, right?

Dog tears are a common thing you can find in most of the dogs. Even if your dog looks absolutely cute with those stains, or it is visible tear stains white dog, you need to know so many things about the term.

Now you must know how that dog tear stains come? There can be many factors to answer this question. If your dog is suffering from allergies, conjunctivitis and even having glaucoma; you can find those brown spots near their eyes.


Allergies: If you are feeding your dog with something to which it might be allergic, then you may face the problem of tear stains. You can simply observe and change the food that is doubtful to be the root of the problem.

Diet: Check if your dog is eating something colored in its daily diet. Many manufacturers use cheap dyes in their foods to make it look appealing. But your dog can get harmed by the added color.

Dust: If you are living in a dusty and Smokey environment, that also may be another reason for the problem with your dog. If your dog’s eyes stay inflamed and thus watery always then excess water dripping is obvious. In such case you need to stop whatsoever is contaminating your house.  

Blocked Tear Ducts: If your dog has small or blocked tear duct, this problem may be raised in your case too. Yes, if the fur of your dog’s face, especially near the eyes and besides the nose stays wet always, it may give rise to a yeast infection. The ducts of your dogs will need to be surgically repaired if there is any clog in those.

Homemade Tear Stain Remover


Tear stains are not life-taking, but it’s obviously not good looking on your dog. I mean who will like to have those stains which may try to show that your dog needs help.

If you own a puppy or even a bigger baby, you can face this problem with both of them. Now you must know how to get rid of tear stains on dogs.

There are several ways to apply tear stain removers from your dog. I will discuss them one by one.

Through Feeding:

There are multiple chewable available and you can completely rely on them to cure the dog tear stains from your four-legged companion. While buying the food for your dog, don’t forget to check the label that comes with the packaging.

Prefer only the foods which are enriched with meat and meat proteins. Also check if the product is safe for your pregnant dog. This medicine will start working within 3 to 5 weeks and is applicable if your puppy is 6 months older or more.

Through Applying:

Dog tear stains can be removed by applying different solutions and ointments too. If you don’t want to go for feeding anything to your dog, here are more ways to get rid of those stains.


There are multiple products available in the market you can buy if your pet is suffering from tear stains.

Stain Cleanser

The stain cleansers are made of Dead Sea minerals and other natural ingredients to remove tear stains from your dog’s eyes. The cleanser penetrates to your dog’s skin easily and starts working. It can show the result within 4 to 8 weeks.

Stain Remover Wipes

There are cotton pads too which are pre-soaked with stain remover solution for your dog. These wipes start to lighten the tear stains if applied regularly. The wipes are made with natural ingredients like coconut and Juniper Berry.

These pads are proven to be effective on stubborn tear stains and also remove stains from white dogs.


You don’t have to be entirely dependent on chemical procedures to remove the tear stains from your dog. The usage of medication can be kept as minimum as you want and you can rely on some dog tear stains home remedy. Let us know how.

Before opting for any medication, you as a dog owner have to be sure that your dog is not undergoing any severe and life-threatening health condition. The reason for the excess tears must be worked out and sorted.

You can use herbs to take care of the dog tears because they are natural and hardly has any side effects. Eyebright is a natural herb that works perfectly on dog tears. The herb stops excessive tearing and eases the discomfort in your dog’s eyes.

The herb is enriched with Vitamin A and C and can be given as an eye tonic to your dog. There are other herbs too that can help you as home remedy tear stain remover that works.

Calendula: This herb works absolutely perfect with any virus, bacteria, and fungi. This even helps in healing wounds.

Chamomile: This herb is also active on bacteria and fungi. The anti-inflammatory effect of this herb is also helpful for your dog’s tears.

Goldenseal: The berberine compounds of Goldenseal are very active against bacteria, fungi, yeast and any infections that are caused by mucous membranes.

Yayiee! Now you know how to remove dog tear stains naturally without any side-effect.


Most of the pet owners prefer to shave off their pet’s face in the sake of removing most of the stain formed. As I told you earlier that you can take help of the natural ingredients like herbs to remove the stains, but there are several things that I prefer too.

Don’t waste your time in thinking how to get rid of tear stains on dogs. Rather use these methods to do it by yourself:

Remove dog tear stains Hydrogen Peroxide

Like you can use dilute hydrogen peroxide mixed with cornstarch and make a consistent paste and can apply it to your dog’s tear stain.

You can even add a tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide with one tablespoon of water and cornstarch to make the paste. You have to be very cautious while applying the paste and it must not go 9nside your dog’s eyes.

You can also mix one part of the diluted hydrogen peroxide with four parts of normal water and use the solution under the eyes of your dog, it will give a natural brightening effect to your dog’s tear stains.

Dog Tear Stains Apple Cider Vinegar

You can prevent the stains of dog’s tears from coming back through this simple method. You can use apple cider vinegar too. Simply add a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to your dog’s water.

Homemade Tear Stain Remover

Give your dog a regular face grooming session. Even if you have shaved the most of the face of your dog, these stain removers will help to minimize the discoloration happened to your dog’s skin and also will stop it from accumulating further.

You can use the following tear stain remover that works:

•    Take a cotton gauze pad and moisten the pad with a gentle saline solution and rub it gently under the dog’s eyes. The eyes of your dog will get brightened. Dab the solution carefully using a cotton pad in the under eyes as well as to both the sides of your dog’s nose. This is the simplest way to clean dog tear stains home remedy.

•    You can even use other mild moisturizers to lighten the tear stains from your dog’s eyes. Ignore harsh chemicals and other products which may contain harmful additives and can irritate your dog’s sensitive skin. You can choose other mild non-tear baby shampoos instead. Gently rub the eyes and the sides of the nose for a few days.

•    You can also try some non-greasy natural barrier products which will help to absorb the tears even before they can saturate the facial furs of your dog. These barriers are made of baby powders, zinc oxide, and cornstarch. You can dab a little amount of the barrier using a paintbrush, gently in the eyes and the nose areas.


There are other conventional ways too, to remove and clean the tear stains from your dog’s eyes. The traditional treatments include antibiotics like Tetracycline and other eye scrubs.

Other methods may include bleach, milk of magnesia, etc. But you have to be extra careful while applying any chemical around your dog’s eyes. Even if these ways can work right on your dog’s tear stain, we can harm our dog potentially if any mixture gets into their eyes by accident.

But you must remember one more thing while applying any antibiotic on your dog is that you can weaken the immune system of your dog, by feeding it with several antibiotic dosages.

A weak immune system makes your dog more infection prone for the future. It is always advisable to clean dog tear stains home remedy.  

Can You Have Sex With The Dog

Can You Have Sex With The Dog

When we think about dogs, the image of a cute, furry four-legged friend running around the house comes to our mind. It is exactly why people keep dogs. Dogs are man’s best friend and are the best companion one can find. But there are people who seek answers to a very different question, Can You Have Sex With The Dog?

While these are the normal reasons why people pet dogs there are some people, who enjoy a human-dog sex relationship.

It may sound odd to many of us, but there are people having sex with dogs around the world, and they feel its a normal thing to do. Generally, this sort of relationship is not very common. Humans generally prefer the companionship of other humans for such intimate relationship. Similarly, dogs too breed their own kind. Thus if you are asking Can You Have Sex With The Dog? it may be perceived in the wrong way by others.

But since such things happen around the world, a little know-how about the process is required.

Yes You Can Have Sex With A Dog: Argument

There are some people who support people having sex with dogs, woman having sex with dogs and sex with female dogs in general. Such people believe that bestiality has been prevalent in cultures since time immemorial.

Such information is present in history, sculptures, and historic manuscripts. This means human dog sex is not a fantasy or taboo. In fact, it is very much real.  Supporters of bestiality believe that dogs understand what is going around them. In fact, many of them actively take part in such an occurrence. Many people having sex with dogs did not have to refer to “how to pleasure your dog” articles since their pets not only did actively take part in the act but also enjoyed it.

However, the bestiality pro people opine that there is no need to take concent of your dogs before having sex with them. Do people take the concent of other animals before getting them in slaughterhouses?

Thus the answer to “Can you have sex with a dog?” is absolutely a matter of personal choice. But, if you wish to have sex with a female dog, there are some precautions that you have to take.

How to fuck a female dog: Precautions

It is simple and quite easy to have sex with a female dog. However, you can only have sex with a female dog when she is heated. For that to happen, one has to wait for the ideal time. The time can come from anywhere between 9 months to 15 months. The first heat stage, however, is a very difficult stage. Your initial attempts might fail.

However, things start to get better with the second heat stage. You don’t have run search operations on “how to fuck a female dog?”. With simple and easy steps, your female dog can easily accommodate you sexually.

But if you wish to have a humandog sex relationship, you have to consider the size of the female dog. It is also important to borne n mind that no act of foreplay is possible while having sex with female dog. Just ensure that you are choosing to have sex with a female dog who is big in size. That way she can easily have safe sex with you.

How To Fuck A Dog: Precautions

Are you wondering how to fuck a dog?  This is very different from having sex with a female dog. A male dog usually reaches a stuck stage after finishing the act of sex. This happens because their penis swells inside the vagina after they have sex. Though it may be difficult, and many times, a scary situation, a woman has to give time to let it cool, so that it can be pulled out. This takes nearly half an hour to 40 minutes.

Thus while searching for “how to fuck a dog?” precautions look into the various things that you must do to help your dog cool down after sex.

How To Pleasure Your Dog:

While having sex, the dog generally does what it has to, the only thing is that you have to do is stay still and on all your fours for the dog to get comfortable. Dogs generally feel pleasurable using their front paws on the sides of the body, which, rests assured that he will do. Thus, make it a point to put some woolen socks on his front paws or cover the sides of your body with something. Though dogs just draw a little amount of blood from the sides, it can be annoying for the rest of the day.

It is important to note that male dogs have a “knot” at the base of their penis. If you are opting for vaginal sex, then this would not be an issue. However, it can become a problem during anal sex, since this knot is quite big in size.

Can you have sex with a dog: General Precautions

There are multiple precautions that you must take if you wish to have sex with your dog. There are quite a few things to look into and you have to arrange for a few stuff before you get in the act. These things can include KY Jelly or other non-petroleum lubricants and similar products.

It is advisable to carry a condom to work as a protection against sexually transmitted disease. The probability of an infection due to vaginal fluids is quite high. While many of these infections are curable, some are not and may put the life of your pet in great danger. Thus consider taking professional opinion before getting into the act.

Bestiality Laws:

Before you go around asking Can You Have Sex With The Dog? know that bestiality is a crime in many countries. In fact, it is classified as a heinous type of animal abuse. In the USA, 37 states have stated that bestiality is a crime and thus must be controlled. There were multiple brothel animal farms in the USA where people could pay money to have sex with animals Though bestiality is a criminal offense, the practice continued till 2005.

The trend was discontinued since bestiality led to multiple accidental deaths, which prompted the authorities to take necessary actions. Thus a bill against bestiality was introduced.

Bestiality is often considered as the act of perversion and is unnatural. If humans wish to have an intimate relationship, ideally it should be with his fellow kind.