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Cost commonly associated with owning a horse

Cost commonly associated with owning a horse

Horse owners will know best… when it comes to owning a horse, the purchase price represents only a fraction of the overall cost of keeping the horse. No doubt, buying a horse is expensive in its own right. Though, what about things like purchasing horse feed, taking care of your horse’s health, and paying for somewhere to keep your horse? These costs add up and make up the bulk of the overall costs involved in owning a horse. 

How much your horse ends up costing you largely depends on the horse itself. Age, breed and deposition are just some of the factors, which also influence how much your horse will cost you over its lifetime. In this piece, we’re going to run you through all of the major costs that are associated with owning a horse. 


First, let’s start with boarding. In other words, making sure that your horse has a suitable place to live. This means, providing your horse with pasture, shelter and security. In other words, grass, a paddock and fencing. If you’ve got big enough land to keep your horse at home, then boarding your horse is a lot more affordable. If, on the other hand, you need to resort to paid living arrangements then things can get a little expensive. Generally, you have two options. These are, pasture and stable boarding. Of the two, the former is definitely more affordable.

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Did you know that feeding your horse can end up costing you a few hundred dollars each month? Typically, you’ll purchase hay, salt and supplements. Particularly if you already have a paddock. If you don’t have any pasture for your horse to feed on then you will need to buy some and this will affect the cost of keeping your horse well fed. The time of year will also affect your horse feeding costs. During autumn and winter, there tends to be less pasture. So, your horse feeding costs will increase naturally. 


So, it’s pretty tough to predict what your horse is going to get sick from and when. But you can count on it happening eventually. With that said, expect that maintaining your horse’s health can cost anywhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars, depending on the severity of its health issue. Let’s say your horse falls seriously ill or suffers an injury, you can expect to pay a few thousand dollars in vet bills for a one-time treatment. Definitely not cheap!


General maintenance costs tend to remain steady, so we won’t dive too deep here. Maintenance costs largely depend on how frequently the maintenance needs to be performed. Most vets recommend that you trim your horse’s hooves at least once every two months. While you’re at it, you may decide that you want to shoe your horse as well. This will only add to the cost. 

Human costs

It’s easy to forget about ourselves when trying to figure out how much horse ownership truly costs. Though, someone’s got to ride that horse. Right?! So, right there we have to think about the cost of purchasing boots, a helmet, gloves and a saddle. What about if you’re not sure about how to ride a horse at all? Well, then you need to pay for horse riding lessons. It all adds up! So, remember, if you’re riding your horse, then you’re part of the costs involved in owning the horse. 


It may seem like owning a horse is expensive, and it is! It’s worth every single penny, though! When it comes to man’s best friend, the only true competition that a dog has is that of the horse! Our equine friends can truly make for one of the best animal companions we can hope to have. Yes, their expensive to own, but the reward more than makes up for it.