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Reviewing Puppies Vs. Adult Dogs – Which Is Best To Start With

Reviewing Puppies Vs. Adult Dogs – Which Is Best To Start With

When you intend to get a dog, you can get one from any age group. However, there are certain things you need to know about each age group. These are the pros and cons of each. This will help you decide on the right age of the dog you should get.

Puppies Below Seven Weeks Old

If you’re a first-time dog owner, then you must know that getting a puppy under seven weeks is a bad idea. Don’t make this mistake. The seven weeks after birth is a crucial period for the puppy, and the time when it learns certain things from its mother. 

The mother teaches it things like “bite inhibition,” which is how it learns to control its bite and teeth when playing. It also learns how to accept discipline, show respect, and identify social signals of dogs.

7 – 12 Weeks Old

This is an excellent period for puppies to learn. During this period, says, you can teach your puppy everything you need to. This includes guiding its interactions with people and the environment to ensure it socializes properly, remains confident, and grows into a great adult. 

If you’re unable to stay with your puppy during this period or choose to keep it in the basement or garage, then it will pick up some bad habits. You will have a puppy that will learn to chew on objects, dig holes, bark, and whine. Changing these habits in the future will be a challenge. 

Another disadvantage of dogs within this age is their immaturity. They usually don’t pay much attention to your voice and are ignorant of dangerous situations. You may find them running towards large, aggressive dogs or into the path of oncoming vehicles. 

Puppies from 3-4 Months Old

Getting a puppy at this age is a great idea. These puppies listen to the sound of your voice when teaching commands while they remain playful and active. This is the best time to teach your dog its name. 

A downside of having a dog at this age is that you have to establish yourself as the alpha. Dogs at this age will push you to the limit to determine who has the authority. You may notice signs of this when your dog grabs the leash in its mouth when you decide to walk it or doesn’t let go of a toy in its mouth. 

Dominant puppies will exhibit these signs with more persistence. How you handle these situations is what matters. Your dog will want you to be in charge, but you still need to establish your status. 

Puppies 4-8 Months Old

Puppies of this age will also try to test their limits, so you need to prepare for this. They are very playful and enthusiastic, but handling them may be a little more complicated. Many people know this as the “flight period” in dogs. 

Puppies will often run away from you or avoid contact when you stretch your hands or call their names. You must ensure you stop this behavior. If your puppy dashes away from you indoors, never let it loose outdoors.

You mustn’t let your puppy see signs that it is faster than you, and can get away from you if it needs to. Attaching a long, lightweight line to the collar is one way to stop this. The line is necessary to prevent the dog with ease since you can step on it when needed.

Be sure you’re around the puppy when you attach this line to prevent it from choking. 

Adolescent Dogs

Reviewing Puppies Vs. Adult Dogs – Which Is Best To Start With
Reviewing Puppies Vs. Adult Dogs – Which Is Best To Start With

These are dogs from 8 – 24 months. A benefit of adolescent dogs is that you already have a clear picture of its appearance as an adult. They will also have prior socialization and training, which reduces your task as a dog owner.

On the negative side, an adolescent dog will often appear ugly while growing – the adolescent period is called “the uglies.” This is often due to the disproportionate growth of the body. They also exhibit signs of rebellion during this period. Your dog may even start showing behavioral changes such as getting aggressive towards other dogs or shying away from objects it has seen countless times.  

Adult Dogs

Unlike puppies, you already have the full picture with an adult dog. There is no need to think about what the dog will be with an adult dog – you have what it is. Depending on what characteristics you want from a dog, you can pick an adult dog to match. 

Most adult dogs usually have the right level of training, and they can still learn faster than puppies. Adult dogs have a long attention span, unlike puppies, that find it difficult to listen. You can adopt a dog of two, three, four, or eight years. The only thing you need to ensure is that the dog passes a temperament test.

Although adult dogs are great, they also have several downsides. One of these is a lack of history on the dog. You may never know what kind of life it has lived in the past or why it is in a shelter or rescue home. Your only basis for assessing the dog will have to be your real-life experiences of how it interacts with the environment.

Also, the habits it has learned are more challenging to change. Barking when alone, or peeing in the house are things you will find challenging to change. Health concerns also spike up with adult dogs.

Although the risk of particular health challenges reduces with age, you should assume the dog has some inherited health challenges. Another thing you should keep in mind is the possibility of getting an in-bred dog, which increases the chances of health issues.

Special Needs Dogs

Some special needs dogs melt the heart of other humans with needs. To get a special needs dog, you must be ready to cater to all its needs. These are usually dogs that no one else wants, but the experiences you get with these dogs are indescribable.

Revolution Plus for Cat: Comprehensive Review

Revolution Plus for Cat: Comprehensive Review

Ticks, fleas and certain mites are commonly found in cats. These parasites can be harmful to your cat as they survive by sucking your cat’s blood. They may also infect your cat with various deadly infections.

In order to prevent or treat these infections, you must be giving your cat a proper solution to get rid of all these blood sucking parasites. 

While it can be hard for your cat to frequently take several medicines to treat each kind of parasite, we are here to solve this problem for you and your cat.

Keep reading the article to find out about this amazingly effective product. 

As a cat owner, most of you are certainly aware of a product that can kill all the parasites in your cat at one go. Yes! I am indeed talking about Revolution. 

Revolution for Cats: Comprehension Review

Revolution has been a go-to product for many of you to get your cat rid of multiple parasites. It has been marked as a safe product to use on cats, once a month, and effective in eliminating certain dangerous ones like,

  • Mites in ears
  • Eggs of fleas
  • Fully grown fleas
  • Roundworms
  • Heartworms 
  • Hookworms

Well, there is good news for our four-legged pet owners.

Revolution has an upgrade. It is named as Revolution Plus

So it is certain with the name that Revolution has totally broadened its scope for the protection of your cat. 

What is Revolution Plus? 

Revolution plus is a topical solution for cats, which can be applied once every month to provide it with complete protection against potential blood-sucking parasites.

Revolution plus comes with the broadest scope of protection you can ever imagine. 

Revolution plus comes with a motto of 6 in 1 pest protection for every breed of cat bearing different lifestyles. 

Many of you might think that there is no chance of your cat to catch these parasites as they stay inside the house. But here is the truth fellas, you are mistaken.

Be in indoors or outdoors, pets can have a high risk of being a victim to these nasty parasites as they can often encounter them no matter where they stay. 

Fleas, ticks, and worms can possibly enter into your house through windows or main doors. They tend to either hide in your clothes and shoes or get a hold of your cat’s skin (which is the most possible case). 

What makes Revolution Plus an incredible solution?

  • Revolution plus carries the legacy of the cat owners most trusted product, Revolution, which has proven 20 years of excellence in protecting cats. (You can go through a revolution for cat reviews)
  • Revolution plus being an upgrade of Revolution, the solution which is known to be a number one choice of veterinarians when it comes to eliminating parasites in cats.
  • Revolution plus is easy to apply the product with added benefits like quick-drying and a lesser volume of the product that makes it easy to use every month. 
  • Be it the adult cats or young kittens that are just 8 weeks old, with a 2.8 lbs weight or more, it is safe to use the product on every one of them.
  • It serves as an all in one solution against all the 6 forms of potent parasites in just one dose.
  • No more separation or remaining untouched with your cat after applying the solution. 

What makes Revolution Plus better than Revolution? 

Revolution plus as said is an updated drug formula of Revolution. This is an FDA ( U.S Food and Drug Administration) approved the drug and has a unique formulation. 

While Revolution has only one kind of active ingredient (selamectin), Revolution plus contains two active ingredients that make it furthermore effective. 

The two active ingredients of Revolution plus are Selamectin and Sarolenar. While the Selamectin shows its action on fleas, flea eggs, roundworms, heartworms, hookworms, and ear mites, Sarolenar shows its action on ticks, fleas and ear mites.

This is how revolution plus works on parasites besides giving extra protection when it comes to the most commonly infecting fleas, ticks, and mites.

Why should you choose Revolution plus over others? 

You can figure out how amazing action Revolution plus shows in terms of pest protection and safety by comparing its label with the labels of other pest protection products.

In recent years, there have been huge improvements in treating the ticks and fleas in dogs. What about those in cats? 

So until now, there were not many effective drugs to kill fleas and ticks in a cat, but thanks to Revolution plus. 

Isoxazoline is a class of drugs that is included in many popular oral medications for dogs to kill ticks and fleas. There was no such powerful combination of isoxazoline when it comes to products that eliminate fleas and ticks in cats.

However, Revolution plus has now come up with a combination of the Isoxazoline class drugs called selamectin and sarolaner. 

This combination has proven to be more efficacious in killing certain ticks that no other pest killer has killed completely. Here are some of them, 

  • American dog tick
  • Black-legged tick
  • Gulf Coast tick

Sarolenar, the second active ingredient in Revolution plus is often associated with extreme reactions like seizures, tremors, and ataxia ( improper balancing due to damage in nerve, muscle or brain cells).

This is the reason why the combination is of 15mg selamectin and 2.5mg of sarolaner. It is therefore made in such a way that it is completely safe for the cat.

However, as it is specially designed for cats, it may cause a slight irritation when it comes in contact with the human skin and eyes. So necessary precautions are to be taken before using it. 

It is important to talk to a veterinary doctor before using Revolution plus on your cat as cats with a history of neurological disorders can show adverse side effects. 

How to use Revolution plus for cats?  

Many of you might pop a question regarding how to apply revolution for cats and here is the proper way.

It is better if you take a demonstration of how to use Revolution plus for cats if you are using it on your cat for the first time. A veterinarian or a veterinary technician can be of great help.

  • First, take the Revolution plus tube and press the cap down firmly to break the seal. You can confirm that the seal is punctured when there is a click sound. Remove the cap and check the tip to ensure if the tube is opened. 
  • Now part hair of your cat on its back, in front of its shoulder and at the base of its neck. Part in way that the skin beneath its hair is visible.
  • It’s time to apply the product on the skin of your cat. Place the tip of the tube directly on the skin and squeeze until the tube is emptied at a single spot.
  • Drag the tube along its skin, lift and remove it. Check if the tube contents are emptied. 

Apart from the instruction of application, there are certain precautions you should be taking while applying Revolution plus on your cat. Read them below. 

  • Do not massage the product into the cat’s skin.
  • Do not apply it on the broken or damaged skin as it contains alcohol which can irritate the skin.
  • Do not apply the product when the hair of the cat is wet.
  • Make no contact with the product with your bare fingers. Use gloves.
  • Do not panic if you notice stiff hair, discoloration of hair, clumped hair or powdery residue as they are temporary and do not alter the effectiveness of the product.
  • Do not let children or infants get their hands on the tubes. Discard the empty tubes in a dustbin. 

So the readers generally have several doubts by the end of this article, so here we have answered some of the most frequently asked questions about Revolution plus. Check if one of these is your question too. 

Q. What are the Revolution for cats side effects? 

A. The usual side effects in cats that used Revolution plus are noted to be lethargy (laziness) and anorexia (change in eating habits or appetite), but these are no matter of concern as they do not last for a long time. 

Q. What is the Revolution for cats dosage? 

A. The minimum recommended dosage is 2.7mg selamectin and 0.45mg sarolenar per pound of body weight, which means, 6mg/kg and 1mg/kg respectively.

Q. How often can I apply revolution to my cat? 


  • For Revolution cat flea treatment, you can use the product every month for complete year protection or begin just a month before the fleas become active.
  • For treating and controlling ticks, use the product all year in monthly intervals or start a month before the ticks get active.
  • For preventing heartworms, use the product every month until the mosquito season ends and give a final dose after the end of the mosquito season.
  • For treating and controlling ear mites, cleanse the infected ear to remove dirt and debris and do not apply the product into its ear canal. Give a single dose near the ear for each month.
  • For treating and controlling infections of nematodes, like hookworms and roundworms, a monthly single dose of the product is recommended.

Q. How long does revolution take to work?

A. The topical solution gets into action the very minute you have applied in onto your cat’s skin.

Q. Is revolution safe for cats? 

A. As it is an FDA approved a drug, it is completely safe for cats, but be cautious while using it on cats with certain neurological disorders like seizures. However, the product is effective even when given along with other cat medication.

Q. What if my cat licks revolution?

A. There is no major issue when your cat licks the product. It may feel a temporary lack of appetite and drowsiness. But as the product is applied on areas where the cat tongue can’t reach it, there will possibly be no such issue. 

Q. How to store revolution for cats? 

A. The product is to be stored at a temperature of 59-86 degrees Fahrenheit.

Q. How safe is Revolution for kittens under 8 weeks? 

A. It best not to use the product on kittens under 2 months or 8 weeks old or with weight less than 2.8lbs and on breeding, pregnant or lactating cats.

Now that you are aware of the benefits this product offers, you can search online to get revolution for cats coupon. There are also online sites that offer revolution for cats rebate upon your purchase. So wait no more, check for revolution for cats discounts online and order the product for your furry friend.

Sentinel Spectrum Reviews

Sentinel Spectrum Reviews

Every dog owner has to deal with one common problem each time they let their dog out in the open – ticks and fleas attacking their dog’s body. When your beloved fur baby is all set to explore the outside world, you need to ensure that he/she is not exposed to the different types of microorganisms that can be harmful to your baby’s health.

There are various types of anti-parasite medicines available in the market. You can get medicated shampoos and soaps to topical applications in any pet shops to help your dog fight ticks and fleas. However, the most effective and popular among all the preventives is Sentinel Spectrum, a highly trusted product amid the pet owners across the globe.

So, what is Sentinel Spectrum for dogs? Let us take a look at the sentinel spectrum reviews for better understanding.

What Is Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs?

The Sentinel Spectrum is a chewable antiparasitic medication which is beef flavoured. One tablet in every 30 days is given to the dogs to prevent them from being affected by heartworm, fleas and tick infestations. Apart from taking care of heartworms and fleas, Sentinel Spectrum also controls and treats tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. However, remember that obtaining a sentinel spectrum without vet prescription is not possible.

Benefits of Using Sentinel Spectrum according to sentinel for dogs’ reviews

Sentinel Spectrum Reviews
Sentinel Spectrum Reviews

According to the various sentinel for dogs’ reviews, there are plenty of benefits of using sentinel spectrum for your fur babies. They are –

  1. It is easy for you to feed your dogs this amazing chewable tablet as they are beef flavored. Dogs love them.
  2. The sentinel spectrum both prevents and treat heartworms in your dog. It also prevents and controls other intestinal parasites like roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and hookworms from harming your dog’s overall health.
  3. The medicine also controls and prevents fleas.
  4. Sentinel spectrum also prevents larvae and flea eggs from maturing.
  5. The sentinel spectrum helps your dog to get rid of and prevent yeast infection. It also prevents demodectic mange and scabies.
  6. It is an easy and simple one-month dose.
  7. Easy to get your dog take it. There is nothing messy about it.

How to Use Sentinel Spectrum?

Before you let your dog have a sentinel spectrum, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. They are as followed –

  1. The sentinel spectrum is to be given to your dog only once a month. Remember to give it to your dog on the same date, every month for a year.
  2. You can give your dog the medicine with a normal meal, or after the meal. If your dog does not show any side effects during its first two consumption, you can let your dog have it alone like a treat. However, providing your dog sentinel spectrum with a meal ensures proper digestion.
  3. Remember that sentinel spectrum is only meant for dogs. You cannot give it to cats or any other pets.
  4. Keep in mind that your dog swallows the entire tablet.
  5. Bonus tip – do not remove the tablet from the wrapper until you are ready to give it to your pup.

Types of Sentinel Spectrum

There are four types of sentinel spectrum meant for different age and sizes of dogs. They are –

Sentinel Spectrum Orange

For dogs that weigh between 2lbs to 8lbs, they can take an orange sentinel spectrum.

Sentinel Spectrum Green

For dogs between 8.1lbs to 25lbs, green sentinel spectrum is required.

Sentinel Spectrum Yellow

For dogs that weigh between 25.1lbs to 50lbs, they should be given a yellow sentinel spectrum.

Sentinel Spectrum Blue

Any fur baby that weighs between 50.1lbs to 100lbs, should take blue sentinel spectrum.

Ingredients Found in Sentinel Spectrum

The three main and active ingredients found in sentinel spectrum are Milbemycin oxime, lufenuron, and praziquantel. However, the amount of these ingredients varies based on the type of sentinel spectrum. Here is the list for the same –

Sentinel Spectrum Orange

Name of the active ingredient Amount/Chewable Tablet
Milbemycin oxime 2.3 mg
Lufenuron 46 mg
Praziquantel 22.8 mg

Sentinel Spectrum Green

Name of the active ingredient Amount/Chewable Tablet
Milbemycin oxime 5.75 mg
Lufenuron 115 mg
Lufenuron 57 mg

Sentinel Spectrum Yellow

Name of the active ingredient Amount/Chewable Tablet
Milbemycin oxime 11.5 mg
Lufenuron 230 mg
Lufenuron 114 mg

Sentinel Spectrum Blue

Name of the active ingredient Amount/Chewable Tablet
Milbemycin oxime 23 mg
Lufenuron 460 mg
Lufenuron 228 mg

How Does the Sentinel Spectrum Work for Your Dog?

The active ingredients found in Sentinel Spectrum are praziquantel, lufenuron, and Milbemycin oxime. These ingredients help to prevent and control flea, heartworms and other major intestinal infections. The antiparasitic medicine also includes an IGR, or an insect growth regulator, that effectively kills flea eggs. As a result, the eggs do not get a chance to mature and turn into adult fleas.

Key features of Sentinel Spectrum

There are a few amazing features of sentinel spectrum. They are –

1. Chewable Tablet, Easy to Consume

The best part of getting a sentinel spectrum for your dog is that it is easy to consume. Sentinel spectrum is a chewable tablet that comes with a beef flavor. Dogs love the flavor and consume it easily; just like any other treats.

The 30-days pack of sentinel spectrum is made of various sizes and formulas meant for dogs with different weights. The doses of sentinel spectrum also depend on the dog’s breed. So, before you give the sentinel spectrum to your dog, follow the vet’s prescription religiously.

2. Easy Consumption

Dogs love the beef flavor infused in the sentinel spectrum. The best part is, you only have to feed your dog once a month and it can be given as a treat. To avoid any unavoidable situations or side effects, feed sentinel spectrum to your dog with a meal.

3. Kills Tapeworm

As sentinel spectrum has praziquantel as an active ingredient, it can kill, prevent and control tapeworm in your dogs; giving it all in one protection. Your dog gets rid of all kinds of potential intestinal infections.

4. Kills All the Other Kinds of Parasites

With all the other active ingredients found in Sentinel Spectrum, the medicine can help your dog get rid of and control heartworm, flea, whipworms, roundworms, and hookworms.

5. Can Be Consumed by Dogs as Small as 6 Weeks, 2+Lbs

Sentinel spectrum can be given to dogs as small as 6 weeks. You should not give sentinel spectrum to dogs below the age of 6 weeks or who are under 2 lbs.

Difference Between Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum

Both sentinel spectrum and sentinel are made by the same company. When it comes to sentinel vs sentinel spectrum, and its performances, both works perfectly work for your fur baby and they are quite similar. However, there are a few differences that you can see between these two medicines. They are –

  1. The Types of Active Ingredients Used

When it comes to a sentinel, it uses ingredients like lufenuron and milbemycin oxime. While lufenuron deals with the flea eggs, preventing them from getting matured and hatch into adult fleas, Milbemycin oxime eliminates larvae and young heartworms. It also kills adult whipworms, roundworms and hookworms.

Sentinel spectrum uses the same kind of ingredients. However, it adds one more ingredient in the list, which is praziquantel. Praziquantel is added in the medicine to effectively kill tapeworms. The ingredient can also destroy larvae and its eggs. In short, the sentinel spectrum is more effective in keeping your pet’s intestinal health in check.

2. Time of Use – Age and Safety

As per the tests goes, the sentinel is found safe to use on pups as young as 4-weeks old. The sentinel spectrum, however, has only been tested on pups of 6-weeks old. If you are willing to treat your pet at a very young age, you should opt for sentinel.

3. The Types of Parasite Treated

Both sentinel and sentinel spectrum treat five common types of parasites – fleas, roundworm, hookworm, heartworm, and whipworm. Both offer quite amazing protection to your dog. Along with other 5 parasites, sentinel spectrum also deals with tapeworms. But does sentinel kill ticks? The answer is no! Sentinel and sentinel spectrum, both don’t have any effects on ticks.

4. Availability of the Product

It is easier to find sentinel in the market than the sentinel spectrum. You should keep this in mind before you shop for sentinel spectrum.

5. Price

There are differences in terms of prices as well. While sentinel, being an older medicine comes a little cheaper, sentinel spectrum is a little pricier.

Sentinel Spectrum Side Effects and Safety Measures to be Taken

Both sentinel and sentinel spectrum have minimal side effects on fur babies. With a little bit of extra care, you can easily handle those. Here are a few Sentinel spectrum side effects that can be seen on dogs after consuming the medicine –

  1.  Itching
  2. Vomiting
  3. Diarrhea or nausea
  4. Laziness, drowsiness or signs of depression
  5. Excessive drooling or hypersalivation
  6. Nausea
  7. Weakness
  8. Seizures

These side effects, however, can be seen only when there is an overdose or if you have not followed the vet’s instructions properly. To ensure no casualties or severe side effects, you should consult your vet properly before giving your dog sentinel spectrum.

Sentinel spectrum should be given only once a month. Never give more than one dose to your pup at any cost. remember to complete the dose as per instructions and keep the dates in mind. If your dog is under any other kind of medication, such as Biaxin, Callan, Coreg, and Ery-Tabs, then giving the sentinel spectrum can have adverse effects. To make sure that your dog does not suffer from such adverse effects, consult with the vet before giving your dog this antiparasitic medicine.

Does Your Dog Need Sentinel Spectrum Heartworm Meds?

Heartworm is one of the most life-threating and serious diseases among dogs. You have to ensure that your baby is safe from such a deadly virus and for that, you need to take care of its medications.

There are plenty of different types of medications available in the market for heartworm. And, sentinel spectrum heartworm is one among those. Pet owners prefer sentinel spectrum or sentinel to other heartworm medications is because it is easy to administer. However, neither sentinel or sentinel spectrum is effective on adult heartworms. If there is an adult heartworm infestation on your pup, you need to consult with your vet for other preventive measures.

Are Sentinel Spectrum Tablets Effective Against Ticks?

Sentinel spectrum is not effective against ticks and other Lyme diseases. If you are worried about your dog’s ticks and Lyme infections, you have to talk to your vet about the same and look for other preventive measures.

What You Should Be Aware of Sentinel Spectrum?

Before you buy sentinel spectrum, you should be aware of all the ingredients used in the medicine. The most important part that you should be aware of is the amount used per tablet. Sentinel spectrum should be given to your dog at a limited dose and you should be aware of the types of and amount of ingredients used in different types of sentinel spectrum. To ensure better health of your dog, you must keep this mind.

What You Should Ask Your Vet Before Buying Sentinel Spectrum?

Before you give your dog sentinel spectrum, you must ensure to have a proper discussion with your vet. It requires a prescription from the veterinarian and you must ask him if the medicine is right for your dog. If your vet has recommended not to give the antiparasitic medicine to your dog, you should avoid doing so. 

Sentinel spectrum has its own pros and cons. It surely can help your dog from getting rid of various parasitic infestations. However, you must take proper care of your dog before you give sentinel spectrum.

Do not forget to consult your vet first. Always remember to give the prescribed amount at the given date within 30 days. If, by any chance, you miss out on a dose, consult your vet regarding the same. If, by any chance, you overdose your pup, take him to the vet immediately.