Finding the Best Golf Tournament Trophies

Finding the Best Golf Tournament Trophies

Finding appropriate golf tournament trophies take some time and thought. The options range from small, inexpensive trinkets to the more expensive and coveted styles.

The types you get for your event should reflect the type of players you want to draw. For charity events, you will want to bring in as many players as possible. The nicer the trophies, the more interesting it can be.

Clear glass or plastic items provide a nice modern look. Trophies made from high quality crystal or solid glass have a beautiful clear look and often sparkle when placed in a lighted display case.

Silver or bronze on a wood mount provides a very traditional look. Trophies have used this style for hundreds of years. It is still a very coveted type of award. Mount the shapes on the wooden stand, which makes them stand out in any display case. The shapes vary widely. 


Some events have a custom shape used to represent their specific event. You can also choose from a wide selection of popular shapes. The most popular has been the swinging golfer mounted on the wooden stand.

Some use combined shapes including the tee, club, or golf ball. Many of the awards will find their way to desks and display cases for the recipient and others to enjoy.

Each tournament should have several awards. The number depends on the diversity of players. If you are hosting a charity event that has players of all ages, you may include a first place in each age category.

Use other awards for fun accomplishments like a hole in one. Most will include at least the first through third place winners.

Finding the Best Golf
Tournament Trophies

Engraving adds some value to the awards. The engraver will often provide a bulk discount when you have several plates created with the same wording. In some cases, you may want to have the names of the players added after declared the winner.

This step makes the event even more meaningful. For this to work, you can have either the plates removed or the entire trophy sent to the engraver and then sent back to the recipient.

The costs will depend on the options you choose. If you have a custom shape created, the cost will be significantly higher. However, you can also choose from several standard shapes and types that will be readily available without having to have anything added.

Most engraving does add to the price, but discounts are available.Golf tournament trophies are highly coveted. Golfers love to display their awards to show their accomplishment as well as their love of the sport.

Engraved items make it easy to remember what event they participated in. Events are greatly enhanced by the number and type of awards made available to the participants.

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