How To Dress Up Your Hedgehog :Hedgehog Clothing

How To Dress Up Your Hedgehog :Hedgehog Clothing
Baby Hedgehog Costume

Hedgehogs are ultra cute and one can pass hours just be looking at its activity. Though they have little spikes on them, hedgehogs are adorable and can be the best pet options.

The little darling moves around the cage, nibbles on treats and all in all bring in joy to its owner.

Though they are cute, to begin with, have you thought about making your pet hedgehog cuter? Well, if you wish to do that and looking for options to go about the process have you considered hedgehog clothing?

If you have not thought about hedgehog clothing then we insist you think about it! Hedgehogs look very cute all dressed up for an occasion. In fact, many people get their hedgehog dressed up for Christmas, Easter, New Year and of course, Halloween.

There are tons of hedgehog outfits available in the market. You can choose from the wide range of hedgehog costumes, baby hedgehog costumes, and also dress up your hedgehog in hats and other cool accessories.

But while the idea of hedgehog outfit sounds cool, there are a few hedgehog handling tips that you must know before you opt for the baby hedgehog costumes, hedgehog in hats, and hedgehog outfits.

Steps To Handle Baby Hedgehogs Before Hedgehog Clothing:

Though hedgehog outfits are extremely cute, it’s important to first learn how to handle your little spiky friend (they are not too picky) with care. It would be bad if people try to put hedgehogs in hats and end up dropping it instead!

While baby hedgehogs costumes are a must try, learning how to manage them is the first rule.

The following steps must be kept in mind while hedgehog dressing:

Try hedgehog outfit on your pet in the evening when it is most likely to be awake. In the mornings they are asleep and if one tries hedgehogs in hats at that time, they might get angrier and make the task even more difficult. Though hedgehogs are timid creatures, waking them up and putting clothes on them is going to get them annoyed.

While you try baby hedgehog costume on your little darling, allow your pet to sniff your hand every time so that they recognize your smell and get comfortable.

While trying hedgehog clothing, try to gently cup your hands around the corner of the cage, so that your spiky darling walks straight into your hands.

Before getting your hedgehog dressed up, try to lightly press in your hand underneath your standing hedgehog. You might actually get pricked trying to get your hedgehog in costumes. Thus scoop up a bit of bedding when you pick up the hedgehog so that it does not prick much.

While trying baby hedgehog costume, make sure you lift up the hedgehog with care and keep your hands away from its belly. If jittered, then hedgehog might roll up in a ball, and a finger stuck in a rolled-up hedgehog belly is not fun!

While trying hedgehog costumes, try to keep the hedgehog in one hand and lightly cover it with the other hand, or even keep it on the lap. If they feel secure they unroll quickly and begin to explore the place.

Before trying hedgehog outfits on your darling, you need to make sure your hedgehog unrolls quickly. For that to happen you must offer it a quick treat so that it unrolls within a short time. Once they understand that they will be rewarded with a treat if they unroll, they will take less time in doing so.

Dressing Your Spiky Friend In Hedgehog Clothing:

It is difficult to find readymade hedgehog outfits and hedgehog costumes or hedgehog clothing. Thus, you might have to make those yourself. However, you can find readymade costumes for guinea pigs which you can use.

However, you do not have to be excellent in sewing and stitching to make hedgehog clothing. You can do the trick with a bit of glue and felt. In addition to that, you can use colored paper and strings as well.

If you like hedgehogs in hats and want to make baby hedgehog costume, you can also do that yourself. Make cute bows, hats, and flowers to make your hedgehog look cute.

However, if you do not find such small-sized accessories for hedgehog clothing, you can size down outfits made for other pets.

But what makes the best hedgehog clothing? Here is the look into the best clothing options:

Hedgehog clothing, hedgehog costumes, and hedgehog outfit must never be very tight. You have to make the hedgehog outfits comfortable so that it can move around in it comfortably.  The clothes should be airy and should not hurt the hedgehog if it tries to curl up in a ball.

Though hedgehog dressed up in hedgehog costumes and hedgehog outfits look very cute, make sure you don’t leave your pet in the costume for too long. The hedgehog quills can fall off, bent and the skin might become red and swollen if the costume is left on for a long time.

Many people want to put hedgehogs in hats and buy baby hedgehog costumes for their pet. But not every hedgehog likes to dress up. If your hedgehog is annoyed by the costume you put on it, respect its wishes and don’t try to force it into wearing a costume.

While choosing the hedgehog outfits make sure you choose a fabric that does not get stuck in its tooth and quills. This is obviously going to hurt your hedgehog.

It’s important to note that hedgehog costume is to be used on the body and head only. Do not try to cover its face and legs as it will make it very uncomfortable.

Hedgehogs are adorable animals and must be handled with care. You may want to fulfill your wishes by dressing it up, but try to understand its wishes as well. Bond with your spiky friend, make it look cute and adorable, but be prepared to drop your wishes if your pet disapproves.  

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