Hedgehogs: Do they smell?

Hedgehogs: Do they smell?

Hedgehogs: Do they smell?

One thing that all people planning to get pets to have is how much smell will they have to put up with. Are you planning on getting a hedgehog as a pet? Do you have doubt whether “do hedgehogs smell or do hedgehogs stink?”Well, let me ease your mind a little and tell you that hedgehogs have no smell as such because they lack scent glands which actually are what contribute to an animal having its own odor.

However, if you have a pet hedgehog and it is smelling, you should ask yourself the following questions-

If your hedgehog stinks- do you give it a bath frequently?

Although, before dwelling into the serious causes for which your hedgehog may be smelling, consider this option first. Have you given your hedgehog a bath, hedgehogs do not really need to be given a bath every day, once a month is more than enough. However, if you have forgotten to give your hedgehog a bath, it could be the reason your hedgehog may be smelling.

What contributes the most towards the pet odor, is the feces and urine that may be stuck on its feet. Urine and feces have ammonia present in them which the more it stays the more smell starts to come from it. Do not worry about your hedgehog eating its own poop, this is not a behavior hedgehogs exhibit.

So make sure that you clean your hedgehog at least once in 1 month.

TIPS FOR GIVING YOUR HEDGEHOG A BATH- If your hedgehog stinks and you are new to this process of giving a hedgehog a bath you can use the following tips-

  • Have with you the following items- baby shampoo, toothbrush which has soft bristles and towel.
  • Use a non-slip mat either in the tub or sink as hedgehog skin is very sensitive and will keep slipping.
  • Fill the sink or tub with water that covers about 3/4th of your hedgehog.
  • Take some shampoo in your hands and spread it across your hedgehog’s back and belly.
  • Use a tooth brush so that you can reach in between the quills as well.
  • After you have created enough lather, take some clean water in a mug and rinse it off from your hedgehog.
  • Let the hedgehog air dry himself.

What food are you giving to your hedgehog?

Always keep in mind that your hedgehog could be smelling because of the diet you are providing it with. Hedgehogs usually require food that is high in protein and less in fat. Make sure that you give your hedgehog the right food because if not, its health may be affected and it may start to smell.

Do not worry, as to whether your hedgehog is eating its own poop. This is not the behavior they exhibit.

How is the bedding your hedgehog sleeps in?

The same way that we keep changing our bed sheets, you will also have to change the bedding your hedgehog is using at least once a month. As the smell coming from your hedgehog may be a result of the bedding on not the hedgehog itself.

Can you see any other symptoms in your hedgehog?

Sometimes, if your hedgehog is smelling bad, it may be a cause for concern and could mean that your hedgehog may be sick.

Look for other symptoms such as whether the quills of your hedgehog are falling off. However, if you have given your hedgehog a bath, have made the correct changes in its diet and have also changed its bedding, then smell alone is indication enough that something may be wrong with your hedgehog and that you should take it to an exotic animals vet as soon as possible.  

Getting yourself pets that don’t smell- Conclusion

So now that you are aware that hedgehogs do not have any smell of their own, you can definitely buy one. However, if you have a hedgehog and you have already bathed it, corrected its diet and changed its bedding but it still continues to smell, it is a cause for concern and you should show it to an exotic animals vet immediately.

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