How to use SEO Monitoring Tools to Your Advantage

How to use SEO Monitoring Tools to Your Advantage

As we live in the real world, bad things do happen and which is why there must be a mechanism known as Monitoring to check things to prevent such untoward incidents or at least fixing them at the earliest.

The virtual world though vastly different from the real world suffers from the same level of vulnerability. In the virtual world, traffic may drop dramatically when you least expect it to be, and sometimes, your website may go offline without your being aware of it causing massive loss of traffic and even in some worse cases, losing out on opportunities or in simple English some new clients.

So, as it seems, you cannot stand and see your world falling apart. Definitely not. So to help you keep a close eye on your website’s virtual presence, here we are going to share a list of tools that will simplify the way you are used to monitoring the SEO activity of your website:

Traffic drops: You never know when your website falls out of the favor of search engines that could result in a massive drop in ranking.

As it is not possible for you to monitor the traffic volume 24×7, you need to pass the baton to Google Analytics. It has a nifty little option that can help you monitor any kind of unusual activities happening in your and around the website.

Just go to Google Analytics Home and click on – Intelligence Events and then there you will find an option known as Daily Event, Weekly Event, Monthly event, etc. Choose “Daily Event”.

It will open up a new dashboard, just scroll down a little bit and there you will find an option known as “Custom Alert”. From there, choose “Create An Alert”. A dialogue box will open up. Put a name in the Alert Box name and choose “Daily” in the period drop-down menu and check the box “Send me an email when this alert triggers”.

And set the proper alert condition in the “Condition” drop-down section and put the appropriate value in the given box. Whenever there will be some changes in the number of visitors, a mail will be shot automatically to your mailbox and all you have to do is to find out the problem behind it.


Uptime monitoring: Just making your website search engine friendly is not the end of the job, you have to work hard to your bone just to ensure that your website is there serving your targeted readers 24×7.

You should not expect that your customers will always let you know whenever they found your website down. This does not add to the brand image of the website. There are three different aspects of uptime monitoring and they are as mentioned below:

Availability of the website:

Performance of the server under pressure

Page loading time

With Pingdom, you will be able to monitor the response time and availability of the website in question and that too without paying a penny for it.

However, if you do not mind paying something to have a more granular reporting as well as a graphical presentation of the performance of the web server, you should go for the premium server of Server Density.

Now, if you do care for the page loading time of your website, you would not have to pay anything for it. Google has a fabulous online tool known as Google Online Page Speed checker that you should try to figure out the page loading time of your website and the good thing, it gives you suggestions on how to improve it.

Monitoring Robots.txt File: I have personally headed some projects, where clients made changes in the robots.txt file without making us aware. This can cause massive disruption in the SEO process and if implemented wrongly, the entire project may go haywire.

Since it is virtually impossible to monitor robots.txt files of all clients all the time, you need to have some tools for that. Robotto is one such tool that does its job quite smarting without requiring your intervention.

You just need to put three simple details and there you go. Whenever a change will be made, a mail will be shot to your mailbox making you aware of the current development.

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