Pet-Fit offers a wide range of balanced wet food menus with all the necessary ingredients.

You can get a detailed overview of the complete food menus in the shop

There are also pure meat products, which can be supplemented individually with oils, fruit / vegetables, herbs and bone meal, just like with bar:

Gourmet Meat Duck
Gourmet Meat Chicken
Gourmet Meat Beef
Gourmet Meat Ostrich

The Petfit food cans are available in different sizes, so that the right one is included for the daily needs of your pet.

Let us advise you which combination of PETfit pet food is best for your pet.

Benefits of PETfit pet food

  • free from artificial vitamins, preservatives and other synthetic additives
  • high proportion of meat and offal 65 – 75%
  • in food grade
  • Free from soy, corn, meat meal
  • natural cell water to keep your animal hydrated
  • Special products for exclusion diets
  • Personal advice and support tailored to your individual animal
  • Delivery directly to your home – fresh from the factory

This concept also appeals to animal rights activists and vegetarians / vegans, for whom it is important that the animals are not stressed or driven across the country before slaughter. Petfit works with a few small suppliers from the Petfit region (Kirchwalsede in Lower Saxony).

Why can’t I get PETfit in the supermarket?

You can find the answers above! If you want to supply all supermarkets or feed stores, you have to produce huge quantities. These would have to be made durable using chemical additives, and the high quality would no longer be achievable because countless suppliers would have to be checked.

With PETfit Dog or PETfit Cat you put the health of your animal on a natural basis.

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