Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

Nowadays, most people who buy dogs are pursuing purebred dogs, and some even spend a lot of money to buy purebred dogs with better pedigrees. In fact, in many cases, keeping a dog is just for relaxation.

As long as the dog is cute, it doesn’t make much sense whether it is a purebred. Recently, a mixed breed dog named Cooper has become popular on the Internet. The dog is a cross between a King Charles Spaniel and a Teddy, greatly pursued by dog lovers.

What is the difference between mixed breed dogs and purebred dogs? This article mainly introduces the advantages of mixed breed dogs and several varieties of mixed breed dogs.

Advantages of mixed breed dogs 

Excellent hybrid reproduction must be meaningful, not ordinary mixed breed dogs. Absolute purebred breeding must have genetic problems, such as human hemophilia, dog CHD, those are the consequences of this kind of breeding, so every time purebred dogs must introduce a foreign blood line to break heredity Congenital diseases brought by. Otherwise, this pure blood will be eliminated naturally, which is also the law of natural selection.

The physique of mixed breed dogs 

There are many advantages of mixed breed dogs. First of all, the appearance of mixed breed dogs is not necessarily unsightly. As long as they are properly bred, they can still breed better-looking dogs. The aforementioned Cooper is a good example.

In addition, we all know that the physique of purebred dogs is not particularly good, and the physique of  mixed breed dogs is usually better than that of purebred dogs. Most purebred dogs have some congenital defects.

For example, Dalmatian is prone to congenital deafness, boxer dogs are prone to malignant tumors, and Doberman pins are prone to bleeding problems similar to hemophilia.

Vision diseases that afflict purebred dogs like nightmares include cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal degeneration that can cause blindness. According to a survey conducted by the Pennsylvania University of Veterinary Medicine on thousands of dogs, they found that purebred dogs are three times more likely to have congenital heart disease than mixed breed dogs.

According to Dr. George Padgett of Michigan State College of Veterinary Medicine, each mixed breed dogs has an average of more than a dozen genetic defects.

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs
Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

IQ of mixed breed dogs

In addition, the IQ of mixed breed dogs is also not low, and it can even be said that the IQ of many mixed breed dogs is much higher than that of some purebred dogs. Although mixed breed dogs have many advantages, it is not so simple to match good mixed breed dogs.

First of all, the size of the two dogs should not be too different, otherwise even if the breeding is successful, there may be dystocia. It is also necessary to consider the problem of choosing the best and eliminating the inferior for breeding mixed breed dogs. It’s a good way to keep the excellent parts of the dog and make up for some shortcomings with the advantages of another dog.

The variety of mixed breed dogs 

Dachshund: mixed breed dogs of dachshund and Dalmatian

When you mix a Dalmatian with a dachshund, you will see this little mixed breed dogs with spots all over. If you see a dachshund for the first time, you may be a little confused. But, can you stand the cute eyes of this mixed-breed dog and the fast swinging of its tail?

Australian Dogs: Mixed breed dogs of Australian Shepherd and Pomeranian

The Australian Shepherd is also called the Shepherd. If you mix it with a Pomeranian, you will get an Australian dog. This is a loyal watchdog that loves to play.

If you want to buy one or adopt one, you will find this mixed-breed dog likes to play with children like a kid. Australian dogs are very friendly to children and are absolutely heartfelt to their owners.

Aluski: Alaska and Huskies mixed breed dogs

Balto In this children’s movie, this Aluski is a hybrid of Alaska and Husky.

Although it is still not easy to distinguish, Aluski’s personality is of a calm type, and he is gentle with other small animals, and Aluski’s affectionate eyes are full of emotion.

Puggle: mixed breed dogs of pugs and beagles

Pugs and Beagles are cute, but even more amazing is that they mix together. It’s called puggle, and it looks as cute as its name sounds.

Generally speaking, a beagle can be 13-15 inches tall, but there are some toy versions that can be less than 13 inches tall, believing you will like it because they are smart and cute domestic dogs.

Komatia or Dalmatian: the mixed breed dogs of Corgi and Dalmatian

The height and body shape of this mixed breed resemble a Corgi, and the fur and head shape resemble a Dalmatian. Some people call it Komatia, and some call it Dalkoji. Anyway, Komatia is still very popular.

Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs
Reasons Why Choose Mixed Breed Dogs

Yorkiepoo: Mixed breed dogs of Yorkshire Terrier and Poodle

As for the degree of cuteness, the appearance and the pronunciation of the name of the mixed breed of Yorkiepoo are the same cute, and the height range of the kiepoo puppies is between 6-15 inches. They may also weigh between 4 and 14 pounds.

Ponsky: mixed breed dogs of Pomeranian and Husky

This will be irresistible blue eyes like steel. The Ponsky has soft, fluffy hair, focused ears, and the small size of this hybrid breed. It also has the cuteness of Pomeranian and Husky.

Schnudel: Schnerzer and the mixed breed dogs of the Poodle

This is a small breed of mixed breed, as cute as its name.

Schnudel is an active, intelligent, and friendly breed. Its weight can range from 6-76 pounds, but the most popular Schnudel today is the smaller type. This makes Schnudel an excellent domestic dog.

Corgi: the mixed breed dogs of Corgi and Poodle

This mixed breed proves a truth. If you mix a cute breed with another cute breed, you will get a cuter breed, the Corgipo.

What’s more interesting is that Corgipo is considered to be a designer dog, which means that this new hybrid breed will be recognized by an authoritative certification.

Although the mixed breed of Corgipo is relatively new, it is easy to find in pet stores because everyone wants to keep a Corgipo.

So unless you have a clear goal of which dog breed you want to raise, raising a good-looking mixed breed is a good choice for people who are new to dogs. However, the owner should still have a certain understanding of the characteristics of some purebred dogs, so as not to be deceived if they want to buy purebred dogs in the future because they do not understand the breed of dogs.


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