Sentinel Spectrum Reviews

Sentinel Spectrum Reviews

Every dog owner has to deal with one common problem each time they let their dog out in the open – ticks and fleas attacking their dog’s body. When your beloved fur baby is all set to explore the outside world, you need to ensure that he/she is not exposed to the different types of microorganisms that can be harmful to your baby’s health.

There are various types of anti-parasite medicines available in the market. You can get medicated shampoos and soaps to topical applications in any pet shops to help your dog fight ticks and fleas. However, the most effective and popular among all the preventives is Sentinel Spectrum, a highly trusted product amid the pet owners across the globe.

So, what is Sentinel Spectrum for dogs? Let us take a look at the sentinel spectrum reviews for better understanding.

What Is Sentinel Spectrum for Dogs?

The Sentinel Spectrum is a chewable antiparasitic medication which is beef flavoured. One tablet in every 30 days is given to the dogs to prevent them from being affected by heartworm, fleas and tick infestations. Apart from taking care of heartworms and fleas, Sentinel Spectrum also controls and treats tapeworms, hookworms, whipworms, and roundworms. However, remember that obtaining a sentinel spectrum without vet prescription is not possible.

Benefits of Using Sentinel Spectrum according to sentinel for dogs’ reviews

Sentinel Spectrum Reviews
Sentinel Spectrum Reviews

According to the various sentinel for dogs’ reviews, there are plenty of benefits of using sentinel spectrum for your fur babies. They are –

  1. It is easy for you to feed your dogs this amazing chewable tablet as they are beef flavored. Dogs love them.
  2. The sentinel spectrum both prevents and treat heartworms in your dog. It also prevents and controls other intestinal parasites like roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and hookworms from harming your dog’s overall health.
  3. The medicine also controls and prevents fleas.
  4. Sentinel spectrum also prevents larvae and flea eggs from maturing.
  5. The sentinel spectrum helps your dog to get rid of and prevent yeast infection. It also prevents demodectic mange and scabies.
  6. It is an easy and simple one-month dose.
  7. Easy to get your dog take it. There is nothing messy about it.

How to Use Sentinel Spectrum?

Before you let your dog have a sentinel spectrum, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. They are as followed –

  1. The sentinel spectrum is to be given to your dog only once a month. Remember to give it to your dog on the same date, every month for a year.
  2. You can give your dog the medicine with a normal meal, or after the meal. If your dog does not show any side effects during its first two consumption, you can let your dog have it alone like a treat. However, providing your dog sentinel spectrum with a meal ensures proper digestion.
  3. Remember that sentinel spectrum is only meant for dogs. You cannot give it to cats or any other pets.
  4. Keep in mind that your dog swallows the entire tablet.
  5. Bonus tip – do not remove the tablet from the wrapper until you are ready to give it to your pup.

Types of Sentinel Spectrum

There are four types of sentinel spectrum meant for different age and sizes of dogs. They are –

Sentinel Spectrum Orange

For dogs that weigh between 2lbs to 8lbs, they can take an orange sentinel spectrum.

Sentinel Spectrum Green

For dogs between 8.1lbs to 25lbs, green sentinel spectrum is required.

Sentinel Spectrum Yellow

For dogs that weigh between 25.1lbs to 50lbs, they should be given a yellow sentinel spectrum.

Sentinel Spectrum Blue

Any fur baby that weighs between 50.1lbs to 100lbs, should take blue sentinel spectrum.

Ingredients Found in Sentinel Spectrum

The three main and active ingredients found in sentinel spectrum are Milbemycin oxime, lufenuron, and praziquantel. However, the amount of these ingredients varies based on the type of sentinel spectrum. Here is the list for the same –

Sentinel Spectrum Orange

Name of the active ingredient Amount/Chewable Tablet
Milbemycin oxime 2.3 mg
Lufenuron 46 mg
Praziquantel 22.8 mg

Sentinel Spectrum Green

Name of the active ingredient Amount/Chewable Tablet
Milbemycin oxime 5.75 mg
Lufenuron 115 mg
Lufenuron 57 mg

Sentinel Spectrum Yellow

Name of the active ingredient Amount/Chewable Tablet
Milbemycin oxime 11.5 mg
Lufenuron 230 mg
Lufenuron 114 mg

Sentinel Spectrum Blue

Name of the active ingredient Amount/Chewable Tablet
Milbemycin oxime 23 mg
Lufenuron 460 mg
Lufenuron 228 mg

How Does the Sentinel Spectrum Work for Your Dog?

The active ingredients found in Sentinel Spectrum are praziquantel, lufenuron, and Milbemycin oxime. These ingredients help to prevent and control flea, heartworms and other major intestinal infections. The antiparasitic medicine also includes an IGR, or an insect growth regulator, that effectively kills flea eggs. As a result, the eggs do not get a chance to mature and turn into adult fleas.

Key features of Sentinel Spectrum

There are a few amazing features of sentinel spectrum. They are –

1. Chewable Tablet, Easy to Consume

The best part of getting a sentinel spectrum for your dog is that it is easy to consume. Sentinel spectrum is a chewable tablet that comes with a beef flavor. Dogs love the flavor and consume it easily; just like any other treats.

The 30-days pack of sentinel spectrum is made of various sizes and formulas meant for dogs with different weights. The doses of sentinel spectrum also depend on the dog’s breed. So, before you give the sentinel spectrum to your dog, follow the vet’s prescription religiously.

2. Easy Consumption

Dogs love the beef flavor infused in the sentinel spectrum. The best part is, you only have to feed your dog once a month and it can be given as a treat. To avoid any unavoidable situations or side effects, feed sentinel spectrum to your dog with a meal.

3. Kills Tapeworm

As sentinel spectrum has praziquantel as an active ingredient, it can kill, prevent and control tapeworm in your dogs; giving it all in one protection. Your dog gets rid of all kinds of potential intestinal infections.

4. Kills All the Other Kinds of Parasites

With all the other active ingredients found in Sentinel Spectrum, the medicine can help your dog get rid of and control heartworm, flea, whipworms, roundworms, and hookworms.

5. Can Be Consumed by Dogs as Small as 6 Weeks, 2+Lbs

Sentinel spectrum can be given to dogs as small as 6 weeks. You should not give sentinel spectrum to dogs below the age of 6 weeks or who are under 2 lbs.

Difference Between Sentinel and Sentinel Spectrum

Both sentinel spectrum and sentinel are made by the same company. When it comes to sentinel vs sentinel spectrum, and its performances, both works perfectly work for your fur baby and they are quite similar. However, there are a few differences that you can see between these two medicines. They are –

  1. The Types of Active Ingredients Used

When it comes to a sentinel, it uses ingredients like lufenuron and milbemycin oxime. While lufenuron deals with the flea eggs, preventing them from getting matured and hatch into adult fleas, Milbemycin oxime eliminates larvae and young heartworms. It also kills adult whipworms, roundworms and hookworms.

Sentinel spectrum uses the same kind of ingredients. However, it adds one more ingredient in the list, which is praziquantel. Praziquantel is added in the medicine to effectively kill tapeworms. The ingredient can also destroy larvae and its eggs. In short, the sentinel spectrum is more effective in keeping your pet’s intestinal health in check.

2. Time of Use – Age and Safety

As per the tests goes, the sentinel is found safe to use on pups as young as 4-weeks old. The sentinel spectrum, however, has only been tested on pups of 6-weeks old. If you are willing to treat your pet at a very young age, you should opt for sentinel.

3. The Types of Parasite Treated

Both sentinel and sentinel spectrum treat five common types of parasites – fleas, roundworm, hookworm, heartworm, and whipworm. Both offer quite amazing protection to your dog. Along with other 5 parasites, sentinel spectrum also deals with tapeworms. But does sentinel kill ticks? The answer is no! Sentinel and sentinel spectrum, both don’t have any effects on ticks.

4. Availability of the Product

It is easier to find sentinel in the market than the sentinel spectrum. You should keep this in mind before you shop for sentinel spectrum.

5. Price

There are differences in terms of prices as well. While sentinel, being an older medicine comes a little cheaper, sentinel spectrum is a little pricier.

Sentinel Spectrum Side Effects and Safety Measures to be Taken

Both sentinel and sentinel spectrum have minimal side effects on fur babies. With a little bit of extra care, you can easily handle those. Here are a few Sentinel spectrum side effects that can be seen on dogs after consuming the medicine –

  1.  Itching
  2. Vomiting
  3. Diarrhea or nausea
  4. Laziness, drowsiness or signs of depression
  5. Excessive drooling or hypersalivation
  6. Nausea
  7. Weakness
  8. Seizures

These side effects, however, can be seen only when there is an overdose or if you have not followed the vet’s instructions properly. To ensure no casualties or severe side effects, you should consult your vet properly before giving your dog sentinel spectrum.

Sentinel spectrum should be given only once a month. Never give more than one dose to your pup at any cost. remember to complete the dose as per instructions and keep the dates in mind. If your dog is under any other kind of medication, such as Biaxin, Callan, Coreg, and Ery-Tabs, then giving the sentinel spectrum can have adverse effects. To make sure that your dog does not suffer from such adverse effects, consult with the vet before giving your dog this antiparasitic medicine.

Does Your Dog Need Sentinel Spectrum Heartworm Meds?

Heartworm is one of the most life-threating and serious diseases among dogs. You have to ensure that your baby is safe from such a deadly virus and for that, you need to take care of its medications.

There are plenty of different types of medications available in the market for heartworm. And, sentinel spectrum heartworm is one among those. Pet owners prefer sentinel spectrum or sentinel to other heartworm medications is because it is easy to administer. However, neither sentinel or sentinel spectrum is effective on adult heartworms. If there is an adult heartworm infestation on your pup, you need to consult with your vet for other preventive measures.

Are Sentinel Spectrum Tablets Effective Against Ticks?

Sentinel spectrum is not effective against ticks and other Lyme diseases. If you are worried about your dog’s ticks and Lyme infections, you have to talk to your vet about the same and look for other preventive measures.

What You Should Be Aware of Sentinel Spectrum?

Before you buy sentinel spectrum, you should be aware of all the ingredients used in the medicine. The most important part that you should be aware of is the amount used per tablet. Sentinel spectrum should be given to your dog at a limited dose and you should be aware of the types of and amount of ingredients used in different types of sentinel spectrum. To ensure better health of your dog, you must keep this mind.

What You Should Ask Your Vet Before Buying Sentinel Spectrum?

Before you give your dog sentinel spectrum, you must ensure to have a proper discussion with your vet. It requires a prescription from the veterinarian and you must ask him if the medicine is right for your dog. If your vet has recommended not to give the antiparasitic medicine to your dog, you should avoid doing so. 

Sentinel spectrum has its own pros and cons. It surely can help your dog from getting rid of various parasitic infestations. However, you must take proper care of your dog before you give sentinel spectrum.

Do not forget to consult your vet first. Always remember to give the prescribed amount at the given date within 30 days. If, by any chance, you miss out on a dose, consult your vet regarding the same. If, by any chance, you overdose your pup, take him to the vet immediately.

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