Why Do Cats Chatter at Birds?

Why Do Cats Chatter at Birds?

Do you believe that there’s a meaning behind the chattering of cats on the birds? If you think so then this article is for you. Well, the chattering of cats is not a new discovery but, finding the meaning behind cat chattering is.

There might be different meanings behind the cat chattering and scientists have been doing researches to discover them. Cats chatter at birds, squirrels and mostly their prey, and this can be thought of as an act of predator.

Why Do Cats Chatter at Birds?

But this is the first thought that might appear when thinking of why do cats chatter. Many people consider it as cat talking to birds, while some consider it as hunting. Well, scientists with their study and research found the reason why do cats chatter at birds. 

Chattering as a normal activity

You might wonder that what your cat is doing sitting at the window looking at something at taking out different voices. You might think that something is wrong with the cat, and why the cat is grinding their teeth. But this is called chattering. And cats chatter mostly when they see prey.

The chattering of a cat is a normal activity and as a cat owner, you need not fear it. You should not worry when you see your cat chatter/chirping or taking out various voices. As all these are natural instincts of animals. These can be seen in other animals too. 

The reason behind cat chattering

Studying and observing cats for days, our scientists have concluded the following reasons for the chirping of the cats. 

Act of predator

Cat does belong to the family of tiger, so their hunting will also be the same as them. Cat chirping sound or chattering of cat might be considered the sound made by the cat before they hunt. This habit is generally seen in tigers and lions and they roar before hunting their prey. They do this to inform that they are out for hunting their prey. Cats show the same traits.

Act of predator

The frustration of not being able to hunt

This is no joke, but cat might chatter or take out sound of chirping because they are not able to hunt their prey. For cases where they are not able to hunt, they might chatter. For instance, if they want to hunt a bird but that bird is quiet away from the cat. This might cause frustration in them which may make them chatter.

Mimic the prey

The cat might chatter in order to lure the prey. Scientists found that cat takes out these sounds as hard as possible to lure prey so that it might be easy for them to hunt them. 

Chattering might be a reason for their happiness

Many pet owners confirmed that their cats chatter when they are happy. Cat owners reported that their cats do chatter when they play with them. In most cases, even after hunting the cats do chatter to show their excitement and happiness of hunting their prey.

Discovering new sounds

As we humans can take out various sounds, cats also keep working on their vocals. They do work to learn new communication skills and to find new voices. Chattering can also be considered as a part of the process. 

The anticipation of reflex motion

Chattering can also be considered as anticipation of the reflex motion. Cats chatter when they hunt their prey and in anticipation of this action which is a reflex action they chatter. 

Other ways of communications

As far as we have discussed chattering, it can be concluded that this is mostly done for hunting the prey. Well, it is a method of communication between different cats. There are other methods too in which cats communicate and some of them are mentioned below.

Other ways of communications


Meow is the most commonly used communication of the cats. Apart from normal meow cats have silent meow too, in which cat open their mouth but do not take out the sound of meow. Meow is used by the cat for greeting, to reflect the mood and to talk with other cats.


It sounds like a meow that is rolled on the tongue. This method is mostly used by a mother cat to call the kittens back home. 


This is a loud sound that female cats take out when they solicit male cats. Males do take out this sound when they fight with each other.

Growl, hiss, spit and snarl

These are attacking and defensive sound. These sounds are taken out by birds when they are fighting with each other.

Howl, moan, wail, yowl

These are the sounds that cats take out in the freighting situation. Cats take out these sounds to warn other cats of the threat that is approaching.


These were the reasons why cats chatter. Apart from the chattering, there are other communication methods possessed by the cats that are mentioned above in the article.

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